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Feb 11, 2010 11:09 AM

portugal in april

hi there -

we will be in portugal in april with our 2 year old and would love some dining recommendations!
we'll be in lisbon for 3 days (with a day trip to sintra) and then to praia da luz for 5 days where we'll be renting a house with another couple and their one year old. we will have car, and plan to explore.

we LOVE great, local food and want to eat well! our toddler is very well behaved - we take him out quite a bit (we live in san francisco), but he doesn't have the longest attention span - so long, leisurely meals are out.

would love some recommendations for lisbon and praia da luz (lagos & area, etc..). keep in mind we'll have our 2 year old with us! thanks so much!

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  1. If you search this board for "Lagos" you will find some useful recent posts about the area. Children are very welcome in restaurants here (and might disappear in the kitchen with the staff). So you will hopefully be able to enjoy long leasurly meals with both children!
    Again, Lisbon has been well covered recently. I would say not as children friendly in top restaurants, but again Portuguese love children and don't mind them running around at 11pm! However if you intend to go to places like Tavares, baby sitting is easy to organise and reasonably priced.