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Feb 11, 2010 11:01 AM

Dinner on a Sunday - stay in Coral Gables, or venture elsewhere?

I will be in Miami with friends next weekend, staying at the Biltmore in Coral Gables. We have plans Saturday night, but need to make dinner plans Sunday night, and will be looking for something that has good cocktails and/or good selection of wines by the glass in addition to a quality meal. Prefer atmosphere that has at least a little bit of energy, so trendy is ok so long as the food is worth it. Is there anywhere in Coral Gables that would fit the bill, or are we better off venturing somehwere in Coconut Grove or even down to South Beach?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!!

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  1. Maybe Sra Martinez in the Design District -- or Sardinia, Prime 112, STK, Asia de Cuba in Miami Beach.

    1. Ortanique in Coral Gables would fit the bill. Good "Nuevo-Caribbean" food, bar & restaurant both typically busy, they make a fine mojito (and other drinks) and a great wine list, so I suspect the BTG offerings are good as well. The Gables is not terribly "trendy".

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        I ended up needing to fly out Sunday night, so we stayed in Coral Gables and went to Ortanique. Our meal was great - salads, fish and crab cakes all exceeded expectations, though a few menu items seemed overpriced, and our waiter was a big fan of pushing whatever was most expensive, but we just ignored him and had a very pleasant meal! Thanks!

      2. Thanks for the good suggestions! We picked the Biltmore precisely because we wanted some low-key R&R, figuring we could venture out further at dinner if we wanted a little more activity!