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Feb 11, 2010 10:58 AM

Lunch in Hampstead and other questions [London]

I am visitng London in March and would like to know:

1. some lunch places - outdoors if theweather is nice - in Hampstead.

2. which is the more desirable market to visit - Borough or Spitalfields?

3. I will be staying nr MArble Arch. is there a Waitrose nearby?

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  1. I think the closest Waitrose is probably the one on Edgeware Rd - north of Marble Arch. You could check a Google Map to find how far that is.

    1. If you're staying in Marble Arch, I would head over to the Waitrose on Oxford Street, officially called The John Lewis Food Hall. The selection and range of produce is far greater and the experience all the more satisfying!

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        I forgot about the John Lews/Waitrose connection. Great idea!

      2. 1. Outside, are you insane?!

        2. Borough, definitely. Spitalfields used to be lovely but is now an over priced and underwhelming crafty place. Borough is great - food only - but do try to go on Friday as Saturday is stressy.

        3. Echo that - the JL Waitrose is fab.

        1. Near Hampstead Heath, I'd recommend the Bull and Last, which is a very good gastropub. You won't want to eat outside, in all probability, in March, unless the weather changes dramatically between now and then...

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            You can always go to the John Lewis Food Hall and stock up on food, head upstairs to the non-food area and stock up on warm, dry clothes, then catch the tube to Hampstead and have a picnic on the Heath. ;-)

            But seriously, it may be a bit cold, check on the day. If you fluke nice weather, you'll get great views from the Parliament Hill area of the Heath. The Bull & Last is good for food. There's not much interesting in Hampstead itself - it's mostly fairly bland chain restaurants. Ginger & White gets good reviews (I haven't been), but it's only a cafe.

            1. re: deansa

              Thank you. i am coming from San Francisco and guess I forgot it will still be chilly there. in March. It is spring here already! I know the Heath and will for sure take a walk there.

            2. re: greedygirl

              How do you think the Bull & Last would be for a vegetarian? Hoping to head to Hampstead Heath/Kenwood House next Monday. Thanks.

              1. re: MMRuth

                It's one of those new British with a twist places - I don't remember it being a brilliant choice for vegetarians, but then I wasn't really looking. They are dog friendly and serve crispy pigs ears for your four-legged friend - a shame Winston isn't coming!