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Feb 11, 2010 10:31 AM

Where can I find a middle eastern-style sandwich of potato in a pita?

There was a vendor at York U that offered a pita stuffed with cubed potatoes, tahini, hummous, tabouleh, cabbage and hot sauce. I loved this sandwich and would love to find a place downtown that serves it. There is something great about the combo of wheat and potatoes. Its what makes gnocchi, perogies, roti with chicken and potatoes and white pizza with potatoes so delicious.

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  1. sounds terrible.. too much starch

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    1. re: duckdown

      They're actually delicious and not much starchier than any of the examples of common foods the poster listed. I'd like to know where to get one of these as well.

      1. re: jamesm

        oh, and how can I forget the classic chip buddy. or my childhood fave, swiss chalet french fries n' chalet sauce on a bun. also love masala dosas and aloo gobi with naan.

        anyhoo, i'm having serious pregnancy cravings for potato in a pita, so if anyone has a lead let me know and i'll go tonight.

        1. re: jnine

          Not to mention potato somosas.

          Don't know of anywhere where they serve it.

          Perhaps you can pick up ready made tahini, hummous, tabouleh, cabbage and hot sauce (and a pita) and some simple roasted potatoes at a hot table at a grocery store and assemble yourself? Might satisfy your craving.

          1. re: pescatarian

            yeah, I think thats what i'll end up doing.....or I might bring my own potatoes to a falafel shop.

    2. That sounds delicious! I'm a potato fiend and would love to try this.

      On a somewhat related note, I'm still struggling to find a place downtown that serves some Afghan bolani...

      1. Probably a little different than what you had but Israeli-style falafel is sometimes served with a battered deep fried potato slice. It's really delicious. There may be others but the only place I've found that thus far that does it is "What a Bagel" on Bathurst south of Wilson ( Highly recommend.

        1. Ghazal at Bloor and Bathurst has a veggie sandwich that involves deep fried potato slices plus they have the sides/toppigs of hummous, tabouleh, tahini and hot sauce!

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            I like everything I have ever had at Ghazal, but never noticed this one. do you know what they might call it?

            1. re: ivxu

              So I ended up going to Falafel World at Jane and Bloor. They picked potatoes out of their veggie stew for me and put them in a chicken shwarma. The server confessed that she always puts potato in her pita wraps. She also said they used to offer fried potatoes as an ingredient. The sandwich was even better than I remembered. Can't wait for another one.

              I'm so excited that Ghazale has a potato offering too, its closer to home.

              Thanks for the What a Bagel suggestion, Ben, sounds delicious!

              I'm also going to try College Falafel.

            2. Sarah's on Bloor close to Brunswick has fried potatoes. You can get a veggie sandwich with just potato instead of the combo with eggplant and cauliflower.