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Feb 11, 2010 09:27 AM

Zest (Tolland, CT)--formerly Monet's Table

As I was perusing the Coventry WinterFresh Farmers' Market newsletter, I noticed the following:

"The Connecticut Farm to Chef Program serves as a matchmaker bringing chefs and farmers together. Carrie Landry, chef at Zest Restaurant in Tolland, frequently sources locally-grown ingredients at our market for her restaurant’s signature dishes. Check out Zest’s Valentine menu featuring Hurricane Farms Cuban roast pork; and mesclun greens with marinated cucumbers, roast marinated beets, grilled asparagus, Beltane Farm chevre and blood orange vinaigrette dressing."

Upon further googling, I see Zest was formerly Monet's Table--a special place I visited and enjoyed thoroughly handful of times in the past. Would love to get back there at least for lunch. I fondly remember their pumpkin ravs in sage butter and Frangelico cream sauce.

When did it open? Has anyone been? I will be sure to report back when I get there.

And the Coventry Farmers' Market is still on my list, too. It's a haul I'd rather do in nicer weather, but on the list, just the same.

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  1. It was only closed a short while Katty and actually, I think lunch might be a little better than the old Monet's. The interesting sandwiches and stratas are still on the menu. Really good breads and other baked goods. Think they still do their first rate Saturday brunch too.

    For me, dinner at the old place was kind of hit or miss, so I haven't tried Zest for dinner yet. It is definitely a must for lunch though.

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      Good to know--thank you. Those ravs were always a favorite of mine. Give them a try if they sound at all appealing. It's been a few years and I remember them still. ;) Brunch sounds great, too.

      1. re: kattyeyes

        Carrie Landry, who was the chef at Monet's prior to its closing, reopened the restaurant with the same staff and only a few menu changes.

        1. re: westie

          Perfect. She's the one on the Better Connecticut clip you'll see if you land on the link in my OP. I look forward to returning, then!

          1. re: kattyeyes

            Had Lunch There on Wednesday. The interior in clean bright and airy. They had the windows open and it was a lovely atmosphere. We had brewed pomegranate ice tea which was refilled several times. The 'winter' menu is only available for one more week, then a new spring menu will start. So we had the winter salad and added grilled tofu for protein. The tofu were three evenly grilled slices and the salad was delicious. Entree was to have been Pumpkin Sage Ravioli, but they were substituting a mixed vegetable ravioli. No Problem, There were six ravioli, served on a bed of chard with a sauce that was outstanding. It also came with a mixed green salad, only choices for dressing were blue cheese or balsamic. There was a good crowd for lunch, but prompt seating and good service. All in all a good experience.