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Feb 11, 2010 09:21 AM

Spice Market, worth going?

Need a place for this sunday night for ten o'lock or later. It could be walk-in or reservation. I know it's Valentine's day but I'm hoping for a place that is usually open later. I was hoping for a rec thas has really good to great food but not fine dining. Any cuisine is fine due to the late night restriction, but would like entree's under $30. Right now we have a res at Spice Market and I'm just not feeling it. I've never been there so if anyone has anything positive to report back I would love to hear that too.

Thanks in advance any advice is appreciated.

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  1. I took my son last year for his Bar Mitzvah dinner. That's where he wanted to go. It did not disappoint. The food was fabulous! The waitstaff was very attentive, but far from smothering. The crowd was not overly noisy althoughthe place was bouncing. We will be going back sometime soon.

    Spice Market
    403 West 13th Street, New York, NY 10014

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      Thank you that's reassuring. The more I research it the better spice market appears. When I searched S.M. on this site most people's comments were that it was touristy without much mention of the food. But the thought of J.G. keeps lingering in my head and I feel it has to be good.

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        I went for the same reason....needed to eat later, and I was pleasantly surprised. The space was very cool and the food was good.

    2. The Spice Market is a gorgeous restaurant that is intimate yet fun at the same time. The food is hit or miss depending on what you order and on a packed night service can tend to mess up a few times, but they are always kind.

      Personally if you want a Jean-Georges restaurant but don't want to pay the price you would at Jean Georges, I'd suggest JoJo on the Upper East Side. The restaurant's ambiance is perfect for a valentine's day dinner and the food is fantastic (its also in your price range).

      I hope this has helped!

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        Thank you for the suggestion, I have been JoJo and was hoping to try something new. I was not particularly seeking out a Jean-Georges location it was just a factor in deciding on wether or not to go to Spice Market or continue looking. I think my real restraint is my time issue, after ten. Thanks again though.

        Could you tell some of the hits that you enjoyed in the past from S.M.
        Thanks again