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Feb 11, 2010 08:55 AM

Tonight in Minneapolis


My friend is in town for two nights for a meeting. Tomorrow night she is having that meeting; tonight she is eating with me. The problem is that her flight got delayed and won't arrive until 8:30pm, and I don't have a car so I am trying to figure out where to eat. I live at 39th & Grand in Minneapolis.
Originally we were going to go to Quang.

She is staying near the Metrodome.

Any suggestions?

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  1. Assuming that your friend will be taking one or two taxis, I'd suggest that she meets you at Kings Wine Bar which is right down the street from you. Then she can grab a cab to her hotel. I liked Kings the one time I ate there, but it's got mixed reviews here. However, it's open late, easy for you to get to, easy for her to get to from the airport, and not really out of her way as far as getting to her hotel after dinner.

    Kings Wine Bar
    4555 Grand Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55419

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      any recommendations for somewhere near her hotel maybe?
      or something late that is good on eat street or in uptown?

      1. re: pistachio peas

        Jasmine 26 is on eat street- I haven't been a ton but have liked it each time I've eaten there. Bad Waitress is also on eat street, definitely open late (haven't had dinner there but they have a late HH). Market BBQ is open late and good if they're on top of their game. Azia is on eat street also but too expensive for the quality of food; however, the lounge is fun.
        Uptown is full of places open late. Duplex is usually pretty good and open until 2. Haven't tried the place that replaced Figlio yet but it's an option.

        1. re: meljohns

          That place that replaced Figlio is called Il Gatto, in case the OP is a cat-lover.

          Meojohns, do you have any particular favorites from your visits to Jasmine 26?


          1. re: The Dairy Queen

            My husband likes the crepe, which I've only tasted but really liked. The canh chua hot pot is something I remember being really tasty, an interesting mix of flavors.

            1. re: meljohns

              I've had the coconut hot pot, and it was outstanding, to consider this a place with a good hot pot rep. It's actually a very solid restaurant in general.

    2. I really like Gangchen. The kitchen is open late and they have a great happy hour from 10 - 2. Fine Asian Cuisine. 1833 Nicollet Ave. S.

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      1. re: Bobannon

        I know that if my flight were delayed because of snowmageddon, I want some hot soup and a stiff drink. Gangchen's egg drop soup and a martini will wash away a lot of pain.

      2. I would highly recommenda Al Vento as a place really near to the airport, you should be able to get their quick.

        1. I wish I had had time to check this again before going. Someone else had recommended Al Vento and I should have listened. We ended up at Moto-i on a colleague's recommendation and it was not very good at all. I was particularly annoyed that they didn't have any Japanese beer.