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Feb 11, 2010 08:55 AM

Gourmet Again in Pikesville, like the old Sutton Place Gourmet?

I was looking up something online and saw there is a place called Gourmet Again
on Old Court Rd in Pikesville. Have any of you been there? I really miss some things
I used to buy at Sutton Place Gourmet in Pikesville (their bakery cakes for example)
and am wondering if Gourmet Again is similar (i.e. worth the drive from Ellicott City
to check out)?

Wegman's has replaced some of the void, DEFINITELY, but still miss a few things
from SPG.

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  1. Gourmet Again has delicious chopped liver (when it's in stock). Beyond that, it's a tiny store, no Sutton Place, and there's nothing Wegman's can't do for you as good or better.

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    1. re: sweetpotater

      OH FAR FROM IT...NO WAY JOSE! Gourmet Again is DEFINETLY no SPG. SPG, which is now TJ's, sadly, was a great store, but yes, GA, is like a hole in the wall compared to SPG.
      I miss SPG. Fresh Market around the corner is the only thing in my mind that can kind of compare to SPG.

      No knock on GA, they do have SOME good food, and other fancy/expensive items, not that I PERSONALLY would choose them over Eddies', for a Crab Cake per se and some other select items, but I guess it all depends what you are looking for. Bakery Items at GA? Not my first choice...
      IMO, go and check them out. Oh, while your in Pikesville..Edmart is worth a trip toooooo ;)

      1. re: EatNLoveLife

        OK, thanks. We used to love some of the cakes at SPG and unfortunately use them as the Gold Standard for judging other bakeries. Nothing as good has come up yet. Once I bought some packaged rugelach from SPG and found they were moldy. OK, that was gross. BUT - SPG's response was dispatching a van to our house in Ellicott City with a freshly baked box of rugelach and a gift certificate. I LOVE Wegman's but I can't see them reacting quite the same way.

        1. re: ivysmom

          OH NO Ivy. Joe Dattilo is the Service Area Manager at the Wegmans in HV. And he will look after you and take care of you. IF you have a problem, go see him or call and ask to speak with him.
          Don't EVER be afraid to speak up if you have a problem with something there at Wegmans or if somebody is WRITING or acting stupid. Never ever shall we have our 1st Amendment Right to Free Speech taken away. While some may see it fit, those shall live very awful lives, and they will pay the price sooner or later..