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Feb 11, 2010 08:42 AM

Bar between Castles and Coasters and 7th St/Camelback area?

We will be at Castles and Coasters Saturday night, probably leaving around 10pm, and are looking for a bar to go to afterwards. I'm completely unfamilar with that area of Phoenix, but the general range is between Castles and Coasters and 7th Street and Camelback.

There will be 3 of us, we will be in jeans and tennis shoes, and we will have eaten dinner earlier, so it doesn't have to be heavy on food, though a snack might be nice.

My husband and I both like fruity cocktails, I have no idea what his friend (who is from Germany and trying to cram in as much "Americana" as possible before she heads back next month) prefers to drink. She smokes though, so somewhere we could all sit outside so she doesn't have to keep ducking out would be great.

Thank you for your help!

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  1. A few places come to mind for drinks and snacks along or near that route:

    Bomberos -- Wine bar on Central just south of Dunlap. Emphasis on south American wines. Panini, salads, etc.

    Postino Central -- Wine bar on Central just north of Camelback. Bruschetta, panini, etc.

    Hula's Modern Tiki -- Loosely Hawaiian-theme place on Central just south of Camelback. This is the place most likely to serve fruity cocktails. Bomberos and Postino Cafe are wine-and-beer only. Plenty of appetizers that could be enjoyed as snacks.

    Maizie's -- on Central just south of Camelback. Again appetizers that can be ordered as snacks, along with some signature cocktails.

    Fez -- This is the one place that I know for sure allows smoking on the patio. Some of the others may not. It's a little more to the south than your route on Central b/w Indian School and Osborn. Defniitely some fruit cocktails there and plenty of appetizers to order as snacks.

    Rooftop bar at the Clarendon Hotel. 4th Ave & Clarendon in Midtown, a little over a mile south of Camelback. Smoking probably allowed, but I'm not 100% sure. Great views of Midtown skyline. Might have some snacks from Gallo Blanco, the restaurant downstairs, available.

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      Fez is probably a good choice for cocktails. The Clarendon definitely allows smoking on the rooftop.

    2. All good recommendations for post-amusement fun. Hopefully you already know C&C can be a dangerous place on a Sat night.

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      1. re: AllPhoenix

        No, I did not know this- dangerous how? We've been to Golfland several times on weekend nights as a couple, and it was all dates and families having good clean fun, so I figured this would be more of the same. My only worry was that it would be super crowded with teenagers on Valentine's Day dates.

        Can you direct me to info on why it would be dangerous? Thanks!

        1. re: contemporaryscarlett

          You can go to the Phoenix Police Department website and look up crime statistics by area. It's heavy gang territory. All the places Silverbear listed are excellent suggestions.

          1. re: contemporaryscarlett

            Sorry to be the buzzkill, but my internal mom alarm went off when I saw your post. Just in case you end up looking for an alternate, Cracker Jax is a good family place, but being in N. Scottsdale it will probably change your food venues.

        2. Just to follow up- we ended up not going golfing. Because of her schedule, not because of the danger. :)

          Unfortunately, we ate dinner at Rancho de Tia Rosa, which my husband best summed up as "like eating at a theme park".

          Rancho de Tia Rosa
          3129 E McKellips Rd, Mesa, AZ 85213