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Feb 11, 2010 08:07 AM

Recommendations for restaurant near Marriott Eaton Centre

Will be visitng Toronto this weekend and staying at the Marriott Eaton Centre. Would appreciate any suggestions for good local places within walking distance of the hotel. Nothing fancy or pretentious, someplace we would be comfortable in nice jeans/casual attire. Price not really an issue, really looking for maybe some good ethnic fare or reliable local place. We also love seafood if you have any suggestions in that area.

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  1. For seafood, not far from the Eaton Centre, on Adelaide East is Starfish: http://www.starfishoysterbed.com/

    A new local brewpub is not far from there on Victoria, called Duggan's: http://www.duggansbrewery.com/

    Beerbistro is also not far: http://www.beerbistro.com/

    Can't think of any great ethnic fare nearby at the moment, but will think on that.

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      Agreed with all of the above recs. For ethnic fare, you are within easy walking distance of the Chinatown and Kensington Market neighbourhoods and Baldwin St., which is a little street that has a high concentration of cheap and cheerful restaurants. Matahari (on Baldwin) is a Malaysian restaurant that gets a lot of love on this board, though I personally haven't been in about 10 years.

      If you like sushi, you are just a block or so from Japango (on Elizabeth St.). Reports have it in a slight decline recently, but still better than your average sushi joint.

      Do NOT, no matter anyone tells you, go to Spring Rolls, which is in the Atrium, just across the street from your hotel. Ick, ick, ick. Gives "Asian" food a bad name.

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        Oh, and I just thought of Adega on Elm St., which is just two blocks north of Dundas. It's a lovely Portuguese/Mediterranean restaurant. Great seafood. Good choice for a slightly nicer meal. Note that there are very few restaurants in Toronto where you wouldn't feel comfortable in a decent pair of jeans.

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          Second Adega. TorontoJo, are there any specific dishes you enjoy there? I liked the seafood risotto which was a daily special on my last visit.

          If price isn't really an issue, Bangkok Garden on Elm might be an option for upscale (but somewhat pricey) Thai. Some chowhounds might consider it fancy and possibly pretentious (cloth tablecloths, fairly formal service). I haven't dined there since well before the reno, but I'm sure at least some of their clientele wear jeans. Some CHs really dislike Bangkok Garden, but there are several who seem to really enjoy it.

          Also, Queen and Beaver is on the same street, if you like uspcale pub food.

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            I always like their risottos, and I usually stick to whatever the fish specials are. Given the fact that the owner is Albino Silva of Chiado, I figure that fish is always the way to go there. I do remember enjoying a steak there once -- a slightly upscale version of a Portuguese steak -- a lovely rich sauce and a fried egg on top.

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        Rodney's on Bay was good. I had a really good meal there and its a really relaxed atmosphere.
        They messed up our orders a bit, but were very very apologetic for it and by the end, they comp most of my meal. But I would still go back, because the food and ambiance was still good. Avoid right after work, there will be a lot of "suits" there.

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          Thanks...we had dinner at Rodneys and loved it.

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          Had dinner Sat night at Duggan's and loved it. Thanks!

        3. Sorry I also wanted to suggest Harlem.... its on Richmond.
          "Southern food"... I like the ambiance, and had great fried chickent there.

          1. George Restaurant on 111 Queen Street East (east of Yonge btwn Church & Jarvis) is under 10 min walk and is considered one of the better restaurants in Toronto.

            For ethnic, try one of the better higher end Chinese restaurants in Toronto: Lai Wah Heen, about 5 min walk, at 108 Chestnut Street in the Metropolitan Hotel (west of Yonge btwn Bay & University).

            Oh, and I agree with TorontoJo about Spring Rolls restaurant. It's about as ethnic as Taco Bell.

            1. I'd add in Spadina Garden as an ethnic option within your parameters and a real 3min walk from your hotel.

              If its not too cold this weekend you could walk a bit south to Queen St, walk West (towards the CN Tower needle thing) you'll find the Queen Mother on the North side just past University that offers an asian inspired menu. You will walk past Nota Bene, quite upscale but not crazy, check out the menu and maybe get a reservation for your splurge meal.

              Unsolicited, for brunch you should consider the Senator on Victoria St, you can cut through the mall and across our new world piazza that is Dundas Square.

              Lai Wah Heen is one of the better options for upper end Chinese or dim sum but it can get over 60$ in a hurry for two without drinks.

              Rodney's Off Bay and Beer Bistro have solid food. Definitely call for a reservation at Rodney's if you are thinking about them, its a tiny place. Make sure you get directions to the one on Temperance St as the one on King, in short, is a waste of time, money, shoe leather getting there etc.

              Be aware that food on Baldwin is mostly student chic, its a neat scene but don't expect to be blown away.

              You'll want to map out a few of the other responses as some CHers clearly have longer legs than others.

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                Thanks so much...had breakfast at Senator and dinner at Rodney's one night. Both were excellent. Only drawback was Senator didn't have any bagels other than sesame (Montreal bagel?)...have a food allergy to those, so ordered challah toast which also had sesame...just couldn't avoid the dreaded sesame seed at Senator! :)

              2. Second Starfish for seafood - awesome!
                I like the Queen and Beaver on Elm for a nice pub.
                Beerbistro has a great vibe but I find it can be a bit pretentious depending on the crowd.
                Adega is also a nice option for seafood and is also on Elm.
                And one more nod to Harlem for good quality comfort food!


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                  Ooh, yes, add a third rec for Harlem.