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Feb 11, 2010 07:23 AM

Valentine's Day Edmonton

Just curious to know how other Hounds are spending Valentine's Day this year - will you be heading to a restaurant or staying in? In exploring some restaurant websites, I have not come across many with set Valentine's Day menus, which in my opinion is a good thing since they tend to be overpriced anyhow and want to turn tables over quickly. That said, we are still avoiding any more mainstream venues and are going to instead check out Sofra one night. Perhaps it will bring back fond honeymoon memories (Istanbul). The rest of this long weekend we will treat ourselves to well-prepared meals at home. :)

Happy Valentine's Day, Hounds!

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  1. My 10 year old son is taking me for heart-shaped pizza at Boston Pizza. We do it every year. But I suspect that may come to an end sometime soon, when it is not cool to go out with your mom.

    1. Staying In! Expensive menus, high table turnover, and people who always seem to be disappointed because they've hyped it up in their heads. Definitely staying home.

      1. I'll be working (I'm a server). Hopefully it will be a lucrative night (and weekend).

        1. Marybeth's Coffehouse in Beaumont has a 5 course dinner from chef. She is wonderful and creative. believe they have 2 seatings (5:30 & 7:30) for $65/ a couple. We went lst year and the food was vey good.

          1. Were spending it at Packrat Louie, they have a good set menu