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Feb 11, 2010 05:42 AM

stuck in crystal city fri nite -- anywhere good to eat?

baltimore hound spending friday night in crystal city in some airport hotel. i'm completely unfamiliar with arlington -- anywhere good to eat if i don't have a car? don't want to go far, i have a 4 am flight saturday...


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  1. I went to an Ethiopian restaurant on 23rd street called Harar Mesob, and I thought it was terrific. http://www.harar-mesob.com/

    For dive Indian/Pakistani, try Kabob Palace - 2315 S. Eads Street, should be walking distance from where you are.

    There's also Jaleo if you are into tapas - 2250 Crystal Drive.

    There's a surprising amount of good food in Crystal City. Enjoy!

    1. Cafe Pizzaiolo is good pizza, and casual, near Kabob Palace, and Kora is fine for Italian, by Jaleo.

      1. You should choose Jaleo If you've never been. Go for the patatas bravas, grilled asparagus in romescu, tortilla espanol, spinach with raisins, and the date bacon fritters.

        1. thanks, everyone! i'mm happy to hear there's good food in crystal city, i've only ever seen it from the highway and it looks pretty sterile, i thought i'd be lucky to find like a tgi friday's.

          and, oooh, ethiopian...i'll have to flp a coin between ethiopian and taleo.

          anyone have any insight as to whether federal DC is even open for business tomorrow? if the passport office is closed tomorrow then this whole thread is moot, i won't be going anywhere! they'll let me know tomorrow at 8 am but i would love to find out before then...

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            FedGov is open w/ a 2-hour delay, and people can take unscheduled leave if they can't get in. So the passport office will probably be open, but if you're trying to talk to someone in particular, they might not be in tomorrow.