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Feb 11, 2010 05:23 AM

Baltimore -- where to get cheese curds?

As the title says... any ideas?


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  1. wisconsin style cheese curds, or latino queso blanco type curd? if it's the latter, i've seen them at shoppers in cockeysville, in the latino dairy cooler. i'm sure you could find them in fells point too.

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    1. re: mgienow

      I think wisconsin style, for making poutine.

      1. re: daveinmd

        I've gotten them at Trader Joe's, but they were nowhere near as good as fresh WI curds.

    2. It is really easy to make. I buy a gallon or two from the local farmers market and use that to make curds.

        1. Definitely Wegman's. I've even gotten them flavored with horseradish at the HV Wegman's.

          Sometimes the Amish Market in Cockeysville/Hunt Valley has them--but not often. FoiGras

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            Thanks everyone! I passed along the information to my friend who is making poutine tonight. I think she's getting the curds from Wegman's in Hunt Valley.