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Feb 11, 2010 05:01 AM

Any suggestions for an inexpensive pasta maker?

I'm just looking for one of those simple, hand turning metal pasta makers that clip to your countertop. Reviews for these things are all over the place so I was wondering if anyone with experience could suggest a particular model and where to find it one Boston.


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  1. I bought a Marcato pasta machine on craigslist that was probably used only once for $10 and it is excellent. It is exactly what you are looking for, it attaches to my counter top and you use a hand crank to roll it thru the rollers. I used one very similar to this when I took a pasta making class in Tuscany. Even if you buy one new I think they are only around $30.

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      Yeah, that sounds like what I need. I would think Kitchen Arts is the only place outside of the NorthEnd to pick up a piece of equipment like this is Kitchen Arts. Williams Sonoma's in ridiculously priced at $65

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        Actually Michaels and A.C. Moore sell inexpensive pasta makers for food use and rolling out clay, which are apparently functional and fairly heavy duty. Under $30 and they regularly print 40% or so coupons in local publications. Probably not as easy to get attachments for them.

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          Oddly enough, there is even an Imperia pasta maker in the window of Inman Square Hardware. Not to say you want that one with its faded box, but it suggests they are easily procured. I have an Imperia and have had very good results with it. It is a classic and the style you described.

      2. I bet you could also get one at China Fair in either Newton or Porter Sq. , but I'd call first. You could also check with Bed, Bath and Beyond. They might have a manual model.

        1. I made my own pasta for many years until I discovered Dave's pasta on College Ave in Somerville. You can't do better at home and the price is right. They roll and cut for you on the spot.

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            So does Capone Foods - but only at the original location in Union Square, Somerville. Dozens of shapes and flavors.

            Capone Foods
            14 Bow St, Somerville, MA 02143

          2. I have an Atlas machine that I received as a gift more than 20 years ago, and while I don't use it frequently, I've been happy with it.

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              1. re: phonelady

                That looks like mine. I've had it for 15 years but haven't used since I discovered Dave's. It's fun to make your own though- I'd go for it.

              2. re: Pegmeister

                I have the same one - does the trick, and got it at a church yardsale for $5. Had to clean some insect casings out, but totally worth it (and the first batches had an intriguing "crunch" to them.)

              3. I walk by Salem Foods on Moody in Waltham frequently and they have Imperia machines in the window. We have one at home and it's been working great for years (we make pierogies with ours). Don't know prices though.