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Feb 10, 2010 07:58 PM

ISO good delivery in Van Nuys

I've lived in Van Nuys for several years but still haven't quite managed to put together a strong roster of good restaurants that will deliver. We have a Chinese place we like, but that's the only cuisine that we have reliably covered. I know we're near a stretch of excellent Thai on Sherman Way, but do any of those places deliver? Really, I'm open to just about any type of cuisine, and would love suggestions. Our nearest major cross streets are Burbank and Van Nuys. Thanks!

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  1. The good Thai places don't deliver, and the Thai places that deliver aren't very good... sorry.

    We noticed the lack of delivery options in the Valley too.

    1. I think Bua Siam delivers. I've seen the employees leave with bags of food.

      1. I think most of the Thai places on Sherman Way deliver. I know Sri Siam & Swan Thai both deliver & highly recommend them, believe Krua Thai does as well (but not sure about that one). You're very close to the HOnduran restauarant El Katracho on Burbank, which unfortunately does not deliver, but it is easy to call ahead & order for p/up there.