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Feb 10, 2010 07:31 PM

Bristol Farms VALENCIA closing....

I was an innocent walk in for a bit of their yummy spicy ahi poki. Quickly learned of their demise seeing all these 40% and 60% discount signs. Alcohol 30% off!
:( sad for them, great for foodies.

So, if Bristol Farms is the only place that has your special item or you're looking for that 129$ balsamic - head over to Bristol Farms Valencia. Their doors permanently close Feb 25th.
Open daily 10A - 7P. And, they do have a 129$ balsamic!!!
I spent 102$ and got she crab soup, fish chowder, heart shaped lavash and a 20$ bottle of Belvedere Vodka for 13.99$. Dare ya to walk out spending less!
Shop for Valentines Day, Passover, pasta's all there and all greatly discounted!!!
Have Fun and drive carefully! (661) 284-5970
23975 Newhall Ranch Rd
Valencia, CA

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  1. Didn't that place just open up? Then again, every time I stepped in that place it was pretty empty

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    1. re: inlikeflt

      In fact, I am surprised the one in Westchester is still open, as the few times I have been there, it was nearly empty, and in mid-afternoon, not 8am.
      Sure wish they would open one in the Valley, east of the 405, south of Burbank Blvd.
      They used to have one on Topanga Canyon, but that was a mistake of major proportions, as no locals want to get out onto Topanga to go neighborhood grocery shopping.