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Feb 10, 2010 07:27 PM

Best meal deals/specials in Rhode Island?

Looking to make the most of my shrinking paycheck without resorting to the dollar menu.

So far, on Tuesdays at El Rancho Grande they have $1 tacos
Captains Catch in Apponaug - 2 orders of fish and chips for $11
Lunches at Hans Palace on West Shore Rd. - several combos for $5 or less
United BBQ - most of the menu
Angelos on the hill - most of the menu

Any additional suggestios would be appreciated!

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  1. the burritos at whole foods on the east side are 4.99 and actually pretty good. they give you a card once you buy 5 you get one free.

    1. Luxe Burger Bar has their burgers w/ a side of fries for $6.99, and they're fab. Their nachos are also great and I believe the same price.

      We also make use of, especially when they have sales.