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Feb 10, 2010 06:48 PM

What are the lovely things in your kitchen

Last night as I was standing sleepless in my kitchen, waiting for water to boil for herbal tea, I noticed--again--the little pan heating water on my stove. It is a little stainless pan, over ten years old now, a small cylinder with a rolled stainless handle fat enough for comfort, and a nice lid. It is very plain, but very pleasing. It comes out of the dishwasher bright and clean. Its handle stays cool during short heating tasks. It is something I chose for function, a tool that pleased me to find. Nearby sat my favorite teapot. It is plump, short spouted and gray blue. Its handle is wide. The lid fits precisely into the lip of the pot. I chose this because I needed it, and because it pleased me. I don't know why seeing familiar, functional and attractive items in use gives me pleasure, but it does. Perhaps it is because I chose them because they are useful and aesthetically pleasing.

What things in your kitchen do you enjoy seeing in use, and that make you happy to know that you chose them well?

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  1. I chose my stuff fairly recently, but I'm really pleased with it all:
    My cutlery is perfect. Kind of minimal, but comfortable, practical and perfectly weighted.
    My awesome roasting tray - alrady used about 10 times since xmas
    My LC dutch oven. My god I love this thing. I get a thrill every time I get to use it
    My precious chefs knife. Again a pleasure to use. Sometimes I will buy a carrot or a potato just to practice with it.
    My two porsche knives (the top two, paring and santoku) - not as good as the Global, but I got a bargain (£20 something for both) and thy're really comfortable to use.
    This is nearly the set of anolon pans I have. I got a stir-fry instead of the little milk pan, and I really would like the small pan, though my GF likes the stir fry.
    The biggest pan is rarely used, and I have a stock-pot for really huge things like stews anyway. But if I had to cook 2 veg and a roux at the same time it's there. But yes, a pleasure to use and to clean after! the little pan is the egg pan because I also have:
    My LC frying pan! This probably gets the most use outside of the small saucepan. It's amazing for steaks, although it's not as non-stick as it was. Really heavy too.

    Among other things I like are my spatula, my wooden spoon, my new chopping board, my silicon spatulas... and my plain white dinner ware. And my bread knife.

    1. So many ...

      I love my vintage red metal canisters with yellow (originally ivory I believe) Bakelite handles. My stainless tea kettle whose handle is never hot ... my beautiful Lagostina sauce pan. And of course my Dune and Flame Le Creuset dutch ovens ...

      1. My favorite thing in my kitchen is whichever member of my household cleans up after dinner.

        1. The most gorgeous thing in my kitchen is my La Chamba 3-quart sauce/saute pan. It was a gift from best friend and lives on my stove top. La Chamba is made from black clay found near the Magdalena River in Columbia. Mine us used almost daily and still as beautiful as the day it came from the potter's wheel. Since it's hand made, it is slightly oval instead a perfectly round, which only adds to its beauty.

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            1. re: Sam Fujisaka

              In Colombia, someONE lovely in your kitchen is Dana Zsofia. ;)

              In the Land of Steady Habits, lovely and whimsical things in my kitchen include:
              - a puffing dragon teakettle
              - a little blue and purple pottery garlic keeper with a cork top
              - a giant blue bowl usually used for serving pasta or when I made vichyssoise for the first time:
              - a little silver tea stirrer shaped like a twig with a bee on top
              - glass tea cups with bees on them--see a theme?
              - a colander with holes in the shape of grape clusters
              - April Katt, a.k.a. the real kattyeyes

              And while "lovely" may not be the right word to describe it, a vintage "Ice Cold Coca- Cola Served Here" tin sign shaped like an arrow hangs over my stove. Though I don't drink much Coke anymore, I love it and will always be a Coca-Cola kid at heart.


            2. My Henckel Four Star Chef's Knife may not be the most popular in its class, but it's the most beautiful to me:

              (mine is about 15 years old so may be a little different than the one in the link)