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Feb 10, 2010 06:29 PM

What dishes/restuarants in West Los Angeles Can you Not Live Without?

I would appreciate recommendations to the best restaurants/dishes in west LA that you can't live without.

I prefer restaurants with lots of flavor (often ethnic) but I'm open to anything that is really good in West LA. Let me give you some examples of places that I really enjoy, so you can get a sensse of what I'm asking for. If someone had told me to stick to the following places and items a few years ago, I might have avoided a lot of poor to mediocre experiences.

Tacos Por Favor, Olympic and 14th, SM, amazing monster burritto, the best red salsa I have ever had in my life.

Pom Thai, Lincoln Blvd, SM, excellent spcify beef salad, pad see ew, green curry (actually almost everything I've had has been

Jiraffe, Broadway and 3rd(?), SM Amazing beat salad and a pasta with truffle oil that was to die for. One of the few more expensive restaurants that I really enjoy.

The pizza joint next to red mango in Westwood. Lots of sauce and crispy crust.

Father's Office, Montana Ave, SM, excellent burged and sweet potatoe fries,

Sakura, Centinella Ave, Culver City, yumy large fresh sushi, love the lobster roll, spicy and tuna.

Mr Noodle, Westwood, next to De De Reese, their beef noodle soups and panag curry are terrific.

Budda's Belly, 7475 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles, excellent black cod, ahi burger and very good mojitos.

Agra India Kitchen, Lincoln Blvd, Venice, amazing chicken tickka massala. Nice staff.

Thank you to all the chowhound memebers who responded to my last post. You guys and gals are the best! Thanks to Chowhound members, I was introduced to my favoirte Mexican place in LA!

I would greatly appreciate your thoughts on other great places/dishes in west LA (I'm willing to explore about a 25 mile radius if its worth it). Tired of the same old stuff and spending good money on bad food/experiences. Thanks

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  1. mariscos chente for mexican seafood done in the style of sinaloa and nayarit. (especially recommend the camarones a la diabla and the mojarra (sp?) fritta.
    bawarchi on venice blvd for vegetarian indian food
    samosa house on washington for vegetarian indian food (there are two of these)
    thai boom on venice blvd near midvale

    farther west and south than west LA:

    sauce on hampton in venice for all around casual california cuisine
    the counter for burgers (marina del rey, santa monica)
    mao's kitchen (venice) for chinese-inspired california cuisine.
    shamshiri grill on westwood blvd for persian
    26 beach in venice for casual california cuisine

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    1. Have you tried Ethiopian cuisine yet? If not, try Merkato – authentic, consistently reliable, full-menu (meats and veggies) Ethiopian fare served in a traditional restaurant/market venue. Very good injera – the slightly sour-tasting bread you tear into smaller pieces and use to pick up your food and eat it.

      Try a Veggie Combo along with the Yedoro Wot, a spicy chicken stew served with a hard-boiled egg. The Kitfo (traditionally served raw, but can be ordered “leb leb” which means cooked rare) and Quanta Fir Fir are great choices as well. Explore the menu. Most everything is prepared to order, so service can be a bit slow. My favorite Little Ethiopia restaurant for many years.

      Merkato Ethiopian Restaurant & Market
      1036 1/2 S Fairfax Ave
      Los Angeles, CA 90019
      (323) 935-1775

      1036 1 2 S Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles, CA

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        if we're considering fairfax the westside,
        under the ethiopian category, i need to add two more names:
        rahel (their weekday lunch all-you-can-eat combination plate is one of the best buys around) vegetarian and terrific
        meals by genet (dinner only, closed mondays and tuesdays)