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Feb 10, 2010 05:41 PM

Please help me troubleshoot these Chocolate Chip Cookies

I made these Chocolate Chip Cookies, supposedly the "Best" Chocolate Chip Coolies

The dough turned out to be very dry and crumbly, and the baked cookies are hard, tough and overly chewy. I still have a lot of the unbaked dough. Can you think of anything I can do with it at this point to improve the cookies? I hate to just throw out the ingredients, but the cookies are not enjoyable in the least.

Any suggestions?

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  1. The ingredients are the same as the Nestle's recipe, but with almost 2x the ratio of sugars to the other ingredients. wow (and I normally cut back on the recipe as I don't like things overly sweet)!

    Have you tried underbaking them?

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    1. re: firecooked

      with that much sugar, no wonder the cookies were hard!

    2. You could try pressing the dough into a pie or springform pan as the crust for a cheesecake or peanut butter pie maybe?

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      1. re: Lixer

        Thank you for your suggestion. I think I figured out what was wrong - see my post below.

      2. I actually like this recipe and got about the same result as the pictures in the blog. I wonder if you used too much flour? What method did you use to measure? Did you mix it a lot after adding the flour--that could also make it tough.

        With the dough you have, for something easy, you could just bake the cookies, mix with a slightly sweetened whipped cream and refrigerate a few hours. You get a mousse like chocolate chip cookie dessert. Or for something a little more complicated, this would go well w/ it:

        Or, along the lines of Dorie Greenspan's chipster topped brownies, make brownie batter, carefully spoon the ccc dough on top and bake. The moisture from the brownies should help the dry ccc.

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        1. re: chowser

          Thank you for your suggestion. I think I figured out what was wrong - see my post below.

        2. Check this thread for ideas.

          The OP suggested adding espresso powder to cut the sweetness. Having made a slight variation of these just yesterday, I can only say:
          1. I don't find them to be too sweet.
          2. Don't make them small, use a scoop and plunk down a generous scoop of batter. I used about a 2-inch ice cream scoop.
          3. firecooked is right on--don't overbake.
          4. I don't trust my oven to do the top to bottom switch. I made the second batch just using the top rack of the oven and they were perfect. Take a gander.

          Done right, (not too small and not overbaked), these cookies come out crispy outside, chewy once you break through the crisp. Wishing you better luck with round 2--don't feel bad, btw, I burned some of my first batch 'cause they were rounded tablespoonsful and I was messing with the setting of the oven because my hanging thermometer had a low reading. I really did like these cookies and thought they were especially good (I added pecans, too).

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          1. re: kattyeyes

            Completely agree with you about using a scoop - it makes for a much more even batch of cookies and they all bake better. I used a 1-1/4" scoop when I made the cookies.

          2. Bakers Best Chocolate Chip Cookies


            Everyone always loves this recipe, watch the first batch or they'll end up burnt!!!! I usually make the cookies with one tbsp of dough so they are about 100 calories each... :)