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Feb 10, 2010 04:41 PM

Near St. Andrews

I thought I had read that the Peat Inn was the best restaurant in or around St. Andrews. Then someone recommended the Inn at Lathones instead. Anyone out there have any first hand knowledge? I will probably eat at one, but not both.

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  1. No personal experience but I can tell you that the Peat Inn is listed in the usually reliable Good Food Guide, with a score of 6 (only the Fat Duck has a 10). It is a nationally recognised "good place", regaining its Michelin star last month. .

    1. You may have already visited but I've only just seen your question. I live fairly nearby and know them both (I eat out a lot, both at home and away). Lathones used to be fantastic and I had a great tasting menu there a few years back (as well as other meals at other times). However, I last went about a year ago and it was gone seriously downhill. It's like they've downscaled their menu as well as down 'classing' it if there's such an expression?! The music they have there is great and if you just want to have a bite before/after listening to that, then great but I think they now seem to be concentrating on their music rather than food.

      The Peat Inn is another story. It's lovely and I visit on a fairly regular basis. I was worried when the old owner sold up a few years back but the new owner has probably improved it (so much so that I think, I may be wrong, that they've just won a Michelin star?? ).

      If you're on a budget and you're happy with no choice, then go for their set lunch menu. Three courses (no choice) for something silly like £20/head - it's always scrummy. The one complaint I do have is that it's always freezing in there and I'm talking about before this cold Scottish winter too so wear a sweater!

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        You're right. The Inn was awarded a Michelin star in January (used to hold one under a previous ownership).

        And, this week, the Scottish Restaurant Awards gave the Chef of the Year title to Geoffrey Smeddie