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Feb 10, 2010 04:34 PM

Crack Pie Recipe

For many of you, whether through personal experience or food-related media, Crack Pie doesn't need an explanation. The famed dessert from Momofuku Milk Bar chef, Christina Tosi, has been widely hyped as the most delicious and addictive sweet in NY. Unfortunately, I do not live in NYC and, therefore, can only imagine the experience until my next visit.
Luckily, the recipe for Crack Pie looms amongst the internet; most recently on LA Times.

However, there exists a handful of accounts, from bloggers and commenters who have attempted the recipe, that claim it comes out of the oven tasting, not just non-delicious, but awful and ugly. Some have suggested that Tosi has mentioned the addition of corn starch even though it's not in any published recipes. There is no mention of the pie in Chowhound.

Has anyone attempted to make Crack Pie? Did you use this recipe? If not, will someone who has tasted the pie from the bakery construct it and compare?

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  1. Check Martha Stewart's website under the TV show - she had a guest a few months ago who was raving over it. I can't recall who, but they passed out samples and there might have been a recipe.

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    1. re: greygarious

      I remembered later that the guest was Anderson Cooper. The crack pie was shown only in the studio, on the table/island that she stands behind. The videos housewolf linked to must have been from a later show, probably inspired by viewer interest in the Cooper segment. (I have dial-up so can't watch videos).

    2. I think this week they are making it on the Regis and Kelly show.

      1. Here's a video of Christini Tosi making the Crack Pie on a tv show (not Martha), along with the ingredients list in grams. Corn flour/starch is not included. It's about 6.5 minutes.

        Here's the video of Martha & Christine making the pie. This one includes the ingredients in ounces.

        Also, Momofuku ships the pies - they retail for $44 in store, so I don't know what they would cost with shipping.

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        1. re: housewolf

          the martha stewart crust looks way different than the one made in the nbc show.

          1. re: sasserwazr

            Yeah, you're right. In the NBC version, the crust mixture is quite dry and crumbly going into the oven, whereas in Martha's version, the crust is more batter-like.

            In the NBC version, all the 1st phase crust ingredients were mixed together at one time, whereas in Martha's version, the butter & sugars were creamed together and then the remainder of the ingredients added. This would make a difference

            And I'm wondering about the last 2 ingredients used for the filling in the NBC version - she didn't name the ingredients as she added each one, but at the end she poured something liquid (white) from the tall clear container and then another white liquid from a small bowl. Unless her cream was split between the 2 for some reason that I can't fathom, I'm clueless...

            How possible is it that, given the very few precious minutes given to the cooking demos, that there could have been inacurate measurements of the ingredients? Or a difference in the oats - where one might have used instant and the other used regular, that would have caused textural differences? Just possibilities, 'cause I, obviously, don't really know.

            I did the grams-to-ounces conversions on all the ingredients, and all are equivalent (within rouding factors), so the recipes are basically equal. I think it's a question as to whether the iingredients were identical.

            I give more credence to Martha's version, since it just looked "more right" than the NBC version which was done on a stringent time allocation in front of a live audience. I'm wary of the accuracy and reliablility of those cooking demos done on network shows where everything is pre-measured and so rushed.

            You may have to just make up a half-batch and try it yourself. If you have a kitchen scale it would be easy to halve the recipe so as to limit the expense of the ingredients.

            1. re: housewolf

              It could have been cornstarch mixed with a bit of water? That's how I prepare all of my cornstarch before adding it to any recipe.

              1. re: housewolf

                In the NBC version the written recipe says to cream the butter and sugars then add the dry ingredients even though that is not done on camera. I don't think the ingredients are in the correct proportion in the NBC video on camera either. The cookie looks extremely dry. I wouldn't think the TV producers care that what they show is necessarily accurate, just looks like they're cooking.

                The liquid in the tall clear container is melted butter and the white liquid is heavy cream.

            2. re: housewolf

              I just ordered online last night after reading/researching

              * all the rave reviews from Anderson Cooper (he's addicted and so is his mom)
              * Martha Stewart (although she wrongly called it Chess Pie at the end of her segment)
              * watching Christina Tosi and David Chang MAKE the Crack Pies (looks easy but I know I'd never try it)
              * obsessing over their Momofuku Milk Bar online site

              then FINALLY committing to BUYING the dang pies!

              SO... they don't give a lot of shipping info. But, EACH $44 pie costs about $45 to ship to California (yea, I had sticker shock at first and then decided to COMMIT to this since I REALLY want to try it). They FedEx overnight to maintain freshness. So they are making it and shipping my goodies Monday 2/15, and they're scheduled to arrive Tuesday 2/16 - for the bargain price of $273 (2 Crack Pies and 4 types of cookies (6 each): Compost, Blueberry Chocolate, Chocolate-Chocolate, and Cornflake-Choc Chip-Marshmallow).

              Hopefully they arrive that day cuz I'm gonna have a Crack Pie party and do my own Taste Tests.

              1. re: felitashen

                Yikes! Amazing that they can get away with $44 per pie, but it is very tasty! I brought a slice home to CA after my last trip to NYC and fantasized about finishing it off while at work all day. I found the cookies to be grease bombs, though.

                1. re: felitashen

                  Did the treats come? How were they?

                  1. re: felitashen

                    I have read that Crack Pie is in fact a verison on Chess Pie. So Martha was probably saying just what she meant to say.

                    1. re: felitashen

                      "although she wrongly called it Chess Pie at the end of her segment"

                      Nope. Crack pie absoultely is a type of chess pie. That's all "chess pie" means's a TYPE of pie...from years ago, made with butter sugar and eggs. Many versions have been created over the years, and this is simply another one.

                  2. holy crap! 8 yolks+butter+sugar? what's not to like?

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                    1. re: jeniyo

                      That's for two pies, though, no? I think I'm going to have to try the recipe--maybe just for one pie. The ingredients are all easily available.

                    2. Does anyone know if the recipe is in the Momofuku cookbook?

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                      1. re: sasserwazr

                        Anyone tried making it? I am in the same boat as the OP--I am in OR and I have never had the original.

                        1. re: runwestierun

                          You can order from Momofuku directly.

                          Personally, I'm partial to the Candy Bar pie (or whatever it's called now).

                        2. re: sasserwazr

                          It's not in the Momofuku cookbook. The LA Times recipe has different proportions than the recipe floating around on the web and actually seems to be more in line with the amounts Tosi verbally provides in the Martha video (e.g., more white sugar than brown rather than equal proportions). I've had the pie from Milk Bar and it is wonderful. Sweet and gooey. I'll probably try the LA Times recipe sometime soon.

                          1. re: emily

                            Christina Tosi is supposedly working on a Milk Bar cookbook right now, which hopefully will include the real recipe.