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Feb 10, 2010 03:55 PM

Late breakfast/early Lunch around the cruise ship pier

We will be in town around 10-11am with luggage and will take a taxi from the airport to the pier, but would like to stop for something to eat AND to pick up some wine. Any suggestions that are close by or that would be easy travel by taxi.

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  1. The deli at Mona Lisa would be my pick. They have quite a good selection of Italian wines at all price points, including chilled whites in the refrigerator and lots of reds. They make very good sandwiches to go, with fresh locally-made bread, and lots of good meat and non-meat options. The marinated artichokes are tasty, and the calamari and octopus salads are also worth a look. They also sell Italian chocolates and cookies. It's between the airport and the pier.

    Unfortunately, breakfast isn't really something they do well, but for lunch it's a solid choice.

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      This sounds great. Are there any brewerys or bars with lots of local beer on tap nearby? We are coming in from Seattle so a good cold beer in the sun is high on our list.

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        If you're looking for local beer, I'd suggest Downtown Johnny Brown's. There's a place near there called The Local, but I would not suggest that one. There's another place people may try to steer you to, called The Yard House, but that's also best avoided.

        Downtown Johnny Brown's gets a lot of local beer, and the owner is really into craft beer. It's easily the best spot downtown for good brews.

        You can check their taplist on the website, and see where their location is. It's quite close to the pier.

        1. re: Josh

          I'll second DJB's. Good local craft beer selection, outdoor seating, very close to the cruise ship terminal, and the food is pretty good to boot.