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Feb 10, 2010 03:42 PM

Recs near IKEA in BK?

My friend is driving me to IKEA in Brooklyn on Sunday, and I'd like to treat him to a great brunch beforehand.....I"d like somewhere with untraditional food, namely, not the usual Eggs Benedict and Mimosa type of place...ethnic maybe? Your suggestions are appreciated!

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    1. If you are driving, is it important that the restaurant be near IKEA? I can't think of anything that meets your description right around the store, but there are options in surrounding neighborhoods.

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        With a car I might consider dim sum brunch at East Harbor Seafood Palace in the Sunset Park area. I think they even have there own parking lot. Be warned that little English is spoken. But the food is great. Not the usual Eggs Benedict in any case.

        I've been wanting to try the brunch pizza at Motorino as well. That might be another idea that is a bit different from the usual.