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Feb 10, 2010 03:15 PM

Fun restaurant for Small Sweet 16 Dinner

I'm looking for a fun restaurant to host a Sweet 16 Dinner for 20 teen girls- nothing too exotic-
Italian or Asian would be best. we don't need a private room, but want to be sure the girls are all sitting together! Anywhere in Manhattan would work, but I think downtown is better. They will want to go somewhere special for dessert. I am getting a party bus, but I'm trying to keep this on a budget, so if anyone has any thoughts, please pass them along....

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  1. Tao would be a perfect option. Its a large Asian restaurant with great food and a very boisterous ambiance and its great for groups! Ajna Bar (formerly Buddha Bar) in the Meatpacking District would be another great option as well.

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      buddakan is a good option but depends on your price range. not sure tao can do a group that large. there private space only holds 12 if i remember correctly. mangia e bevi is a well priced italian restaurant that is known to host bachelorette parties. they play music and let the girls dance in the restaurant. this might be fun for them.

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      1. i dont recco tao...Its really a waste of $..THe food isnt that great anymore. Lost its charm.
        Gyu Kaku could be fun for the them. Japanese BBQ. Crispo and 'inoteca are good choices for Itlalian..

        1. I did something very similar in September. i went with El Rio Grande on 38th and 3rd. The did a $35 prix fixe for me including virgin margaritas and soft drinks. Very nice appetizer plates, table side guac, salad, main course and then table side ice cream sundaes. It was great and fun and it was in the restaurant, just off in an alcove, so the girls had some buzz around them.