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Feb 10, 2010 03:00 PM

Stone crabs packed to travel at Miami Airport?

Does anyone know if there's a place in the Miami Airport where you can get stone crabs packed to take on the plane? I know in Boston, Legal Seafood will pack lobsters, chowder, etc. at the airport but I didn't know if they did in Miami. Any info would be greatly appreciated as I'm gonna be there in a few days! Thanks!

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  1. I'm not sure but if I had to guess the answer would be "no" if only because Stones are seasonal and what are they going to do the other x months of the year for a high-priced airport storefront or kiosk.

    I am guessing you are just flying through on a layover? Obviously if at all possible you'd be much better off going to a local seafood market and just having them tape up a styrofoam cooler with a few ice gel paks, or do it yourself. I am sure anything at the airport will be somewhere near double retail which is already not inexpensive.

    And then of course I imagine you are also aware that many places - including some down in the Keys (Marathon) - will be glad to ship to wherever you live.

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      right, my bad for suggesting you could carry on gel packs. That ain't gonna happen these days. I was thinking back to 10 years ago when I used to bring fresh jumbo sea scallops back from the coast of Maine whenever I'd fly up there.

    2. Not sure about anywhere in the airport, but this might help if you can leave the airport and buy them:

      Security will not let you through with a regular gel ice pack or ice due to the liquid/gel restriction, but they will let you through with dry ice. This is available at many grocery stores (specifically Publix here in South Florida). I have done this many, many times and have never had a problem. I normally pack the claws in a soft sided cooler with the dry ice wrapped in plastic.

      Stone crabs need to stay very cold or they spoil quickly...the dry ice is absolutely necessary.

      1. A word of warning if you go the DIY route or have seafood professionally cold-packed off site: check with your airline before you purchase the crab. I used to routinely take seafood on the plane -- as checked-through luggage or small flat box as carry on; but, since 9/11, I have encountered different regs and much confusion, inconsistency and lack of knowledge from different airlines and from different personnel at any given airline. Be sure to find out what kinds of "ice" your airline will accept and what kind of packaging.

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          Thanks all, this is great advice. I'm starting to think the expense of Fed Ex shipping is going to be psychically cheaper than dealing with TSA in the panty-bomber age!