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Feb 10, 2010 02:52 PM

coffee in kingston

i have heard that the sleepless goat pours a nice cup of fair trade cofffee in town - i will doing business there and i need my bean . any thoughts ??

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  1. I haven't lived in Kingston for years, but I doubt the Goat has changed much. The food and coffee are pretty good, but it's not the cleanest of places. Sipps (Brock and Wellington) opened after I moved but I've tried it a handful ot times, most recently about 2 years ago, and enjoyed it. Cute coffee shop to sit in and relax. I can't remember if Cooke's Kitchen (on the other side of the Brock/Wellington intersection) sells coffee to go or just beans. They roast their own beans, which are, consequently quite fresh.

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      Best coffee in K town is Panchancho bakery on Princess near Ontario.
      Food is excellent as well. Eat in or take out.

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        I second the Panchancho option. By far the best place in the downtown area for coffee and a lovely baked item.

    2. Cooke's has brewed coffee as well as their incredible beans.
      The sleepless goat is nice in a hippie student activist way. Pan Chancho just seems incredibly overpriced and pretentious. I nearly choked at the measly portions and high prices when I bought my parents a special take-away meal there. I can't help but compare them negatively to Daniel et Daniel in Toronto.

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        Me and theSO always go there when in Kingston wether just for coffee and a baked goody or lunch. Never been dissapointed., and i am a big eater. Prices are inline with any place. It's not fast food