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Feb 10, 2010 02:45 PM

Best CURRENT sushi in Vegas?? Money no object!

This has been done before, but quite a while ago. So, in February 2010, who's making the best sushi in Las Vegas??

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  1. We were wondering the same thing for our group...going down next month. We have made reservations at Bar Masa - seems to be a no-brainer......although there isn't much info. on the las vegas location at the moment

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    1. re: mildnhazy

      I've been wondering the same thing. I've read a few good things about Bar Masa, but with some caveats. Money had better truly be no object, as the prices are very high; if you see a menu, note that sushi prices are per piece (one order = one piece). Also, there's no sushi bar at Bar Masa, so if that's a show stopper look elsewhere.

      1. re: Larry

        Absolutely - it's going to be expensive. Here is the best information I've been able to find on it - I believe this was posted somewhere else on these boards by Kevin -

        He has pictures of the early menu - so you can have a look at pricing.....

    2. Having recently been to Bar Masa, Kevin's review is spot on. The quality of the fish is outstanding, nearly on par with the Urasawas, Yasudas, etc.; however, the fact that there is no sushi bar translates to a longer time between slicing and consumption. Our experience was a slightly drier piece / different texture than should be. Additionally, it is very expensive, figure at least $300+/pp with drink-tip.

      A great off-strip local spot, and my favorite, at a fraction(1/3-1/2) of the cost, is Sen of Japan(which gets a lot of love of this board). Of course the fish quality isn't quite as good as BM, as it is not mainly sourced from Tsukiji, but it is a very solid choice.

      I used to be fond of Okada but my last few meals there have been merely decent, unacceptable at that price point. If money is of no concern, BM is the way to go, if not Sen would not disappoint.

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        Thanks for the suggestion palmdoc1 I tried Nobu on my last trip to vegas and wasn't impressed for the $$$ we paid. Will keep an eye out for Sen on the next trip.

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          I had dinner at Okada last week when I was in Vegas on business and was not impressed. I agree with palmdoc1's assessment that for the price it is only decent. Also I sat at the bar and the sushi chef was rude. I ordered the half-dozen special oysters; they were drowned in so much garnish that the flavor of the oysters was lost. The quality of tuna and yellowtail sashimi was good, but not great. The sea urchin was quite good, but the nigiri pieces (mackerel, salmon, amber jack) were average, exception was the fatty tuna, but it's hard to go bad with fatty tuna. Also had a sample of steak and scallop yakitori which was good, but again not great. I would not go back.

          3131 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

          1. re: gmmmia

            I will start off by saying that I am a bit of a sushi snob and that Las Vegas does not have, IMO, the high quality sushi restaurants that other major metropolitan cities have. The only reason Okada is still in business is because it is housed in the Wynn. Harsh statement? Yes. But without the foot traffic and amount of hotel guests (not to mention the clientele that they are targeting), this restaurant, on its own, would have gone out of business a long time ago. There are several good dishes but as many point out, the quality/price ratio is horrible. I am not sure why Okada cannot, on a consistent basis, turn out better sushi and better prepared dishes. They have the ability to get some of the best, freshest, and highest quality fish/ingredients from around the world (Bartolotta). And my $.02, IMHO, Sen of Japan, a 10-15min car ride off the strip is probably one of the better if not best sushi choices in Las Vegas. Maybe this is a discussion for another topic on this board that is occasionally discussed: The lack of food quality in many high end casino restaurants.

          2. re: palmdoc1

            We ended up going to Bar Masa. It was the least enjoyable meal of our trip. We expected the food to be overpriced and I was willing to overlook it for a great japanese/sushi meal. The food itself was not special at all - our sashimi was very hit and miss and the hot dishes were a disaster (outrageously small portions with little taste). We did like a couple of the sushi rolls we ordered but that was about it. Not only that but our server was uninformed and the service itself was sloppy. We agreed with our server that we would get the sushi/sashimi first followed by our hot dishes and everything came at once. To top it off, the restaurant itself lacked any type of personality or ambiance.
            Would never go again and will probably just avoid japanese/sushi in Vegas from now on.