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Feb 10, 2010 02:34 PM

Tibetan Restaurants - Toronto

Any one have any recommendations or comments about the Tibetan restaurants in TO?

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  1. my regular place is tibet kitchen on queen west where there are at least 5 tibetan restaurants, but the mo mo's at tk are the best and the chili chicken is great too

    1. I'd recommend Le Tibet (1526 Queen Street West, a couple of blocks west of Lansdowne). It's run by the original owner of Tibet Kitchen (1544 Queen Street West), which was my favourite when he was in charge there, but I found that it went downhill a bit after he sold it.

      1. Thanks ige and gc from your info - Veloute

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          I enjoyed Little Tibet. I'm not sure if it's the best on the scene, but I found the menu varied, with lots of options for vegetarians, though a touch pricey. They make a hot sauce that packs some good heat, too.

          1. re: 1sweetpea

            Thanks 1sweetpea. I'm open to other suggestions. Are you willing to share?

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              I'm happy to share any info I have, though Little Tibet is the only Tibetan restaurant I've been to in Toronto. I have spent time in Tibet though, and I thought the momos at Little Tibet were very tasty and possibly less dense overall than the ones I ate in Tibet. I also found that in Tibet there were fewer options for momo fillings. It was pretty much meat or veg and the meat tended to be yak, which is okay when ground up, but pretty tough and stringy otherwise. The heat level of Little Tibet's dipping sauce was as hot or hotter than anything I ate in Tibet, but not nearly as hot as the things I tasted in that Sichuan province of China. That food was positively incendiary, if you select the spicier dishes to order.

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                Thanks for fleshing out your OP. My only experience with Tibet is as an armchair traveller. I've been really looking forward to trying Tibetan food ever since I saw a Tibetan restaurant in Yorkville - many years ago. I live in Guelph so it's a bit of an excursion. Enjoying other cuisines usually happens when something else draws us to Toronto.

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                  I like Everest on Queen street near Much Music

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                    i must strongly disagree with Everest on all accounts, tibetan, indian or otherwise and wouldn't even consider it a tibetan restaurant, like so much in the area, the food nor the service live up to most people expectations

                    1. re: ingloriouseater

                      I strongly concur with ingloriouseater - if in the Entertainment District and looking for a casual place for a beer, Everest would be acceptable. But for food, even in that dire neighbourhood, avoid Everest.

                      The only Tibetan place I've been in T.O. is the one around Queen & Niagara (Tibet Kitchen? Little Tibet?) and I found it fine. Tibetan food is not the most exciting in the world but I love it regardless, partly (mostly) because I visited Tibet many years ago and it was among my most favorite travels / places. So I enjoy visiting this restaurant - friendly service, comfy atmosphere, tasty, reasonably authentic food given that it doesn't include yak :-)

                      1. re: ingloriouseater

                        What isn't Tibetan about it???...owned by Tibetans...with Tibetan employees...and they serve Tibetan food...just more stylized than most Tibetan restaurants in Toronto...

                        OM in Montreal is my fave though...again they also serve a lot of Indian food...which now heavily influences Tibetan culture

                        1. re: BloorWestie...

                          BIG UP for OM. The owners are fantastic.

                    2. re: veloute

                      Me too, Veloute. I live in Windsor right now, so Toronto restaurants fill the cultural void that I feel in Windsor, save for a few good Viet places and one Ethiopian restaurant. When we can't travel abroad, we pretend we're travelling by exploring Toronto's amazing multicultural restaurant options.

                      I'd like to find a really good restaurant that does Nepalese AND Tibetan food. Does anyone have recommendations? They must have good momos as well as the more Indian-inspired Nepalese dishes.

                      1. re: 1sweetpea

                        You'll find Shangrila Resto (last resto in the Queen street west tibetan strip) for your nepali/tibetan needs. the owners are tibetans from nepal and prepare a THALI limited #s every Saturday, i believe. "Thali" means "plate" in Nepali = daal, rice, pickle, chicken/mutton/beef curry and some vegetables.

            2. I am sorry to say Little Tibet is now closed! I will miss it dearly!

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                I'm so sorry to hear this. I will miss Little Tibet too--it's been a reliable Saturday-lunch destination for me for a number of years. I'm assuming that the owners are retiring and have no plans to open another restaurant elsewhere?

                1. re: waydowntown

                  I believe they are retiring. I need to find a new restaurant, one that is not Everest.

              2. I actually really like everest, I've had some fantastic meals there. Service is always efficient and they are very child friendly.