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Feb 10, 2010 02:08 PM

Lunch for about 15 people near LIRR station in Bayside?

I need to find a restaurant in Bayside that can accommodate about 15 people for lunch that is within walking distance to LIRR train station, has a quiet atmosphere and decent food. Is that too tall an order? Thanks in advance!

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  1. Donovan's sounds like it would fit the bill. Great burgers and salads.

    on the upscale side uncle Jack's is pricey, but very good.

    1. Press 195 - panini type sandwiches and great salads is just a few blocks away,
      (they have another restaurant in Park Slope too)

      You can get hot and cold sandwiches, and really good salads (a rarity these days)
      lots of options and choices and it's a sit down restaurant.

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        not sure if 15 people could fit into press 195? i would call ahead of time and see if they can accommodate your party. they may fit you along the long tables by the bathroom, you would def take up that entire section.

        another suggestion would be gino's trattoria on bell + 35th ave. it's a bit of a walk up from the lirr, but it isn't terribly far. they have a lunch menu, the place is fairly big, decor is clean + modern. food is good, nothing outstanding, but solid pastas, paninis, salads, etc. i think they have a party room for 25+ ppl. i think for your party, they would seat you in an alcove made for larger parties.

        i also like erawan on bell + 43rd ave. decent thai place. again, i would call to see if they would be able to fit your party. they have another restaurant, erawan steak or something that's further north on bell + 39th ave. they can definitely accommodate your party, but the menu is completely different and more american.

      2. Papazzio has good italian, within walking distance and should have no problem accomodating your party as well.

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