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Feb 10, 2010 01:59 PM


Been a while since I've lurked around the boards... but I find myself currently pregnant and craving BROWNIES. Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, swirled with cream cheese, swirled with peanut butter, etc -- they all sound delightful right now.

I've tried searching previous posts, but haven't come up with many good places to try just yet. I do like the cream cheese/brownie swirl cupcake at Upper Crust, but I'm feeling the need to branch out and try more brownies!!

Any suggestions?

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  1. Have you had Miles of Chocolate? You can get it at most HEBs now.

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    1. re: stephanieh

      my local HEB (parmer/mcneil) keeps it in the section of the deli case where they have the cheese balls.

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        I agree - miles of chocolate!! sold at Whole Foods too I believe

        1. re: elizsafox

          if anyone cares, i saw the miles of chocolate out in the cheese section (next to the pasta and pre-made salads, etc.) at the parmer/mcneil HEB.
          they used to keep them behind the deli counter but i guess they wanted to encourage consumption for valentine's.

      2. There are a couple of brownie/bar type things at Sugar Mama's that I like (on S. 1st, north of Oltorf). They have a s'mores bar and a pecan bar and a chocolate mint bar. All of them are great. Whole Foods sells a 4 pack of cream cheese brownies that I like. They are nice and moist, kind of fudgy. You can probably also buy them individually. Finally, Walton's has a brownie/butterscotch swirl thing. They have a goofy name for it, but I can't remember what it is at the moment. It's very rich...a bit too much for me, actually, but you might like it. I'm not sure if they offer it every day, but they usually have some type of brownie-like item available.

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          You may have just said the magic words - brownie and butterscotch! Is it bad that I want to head there now and I haven't even had breakfast? :-) I'll give them a call at lunch and see if it's available today!

          I'd forgotten about Miles of Chocolate... living around the corner from Central Market, that may be my 2nd choice today at lunch...

        2. the ones at Whole Foods can be good, as long as they are not too dry

          1. Apple Annie's 1/2 lb. Volcano brownie with ganache center. Not for light weights.

            1. Thanks everyone... I think now that the Valentine's hooplah has ended, I'll start my quest and report back if I find anything worth mentioning!