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Feb 10, 2010 01:33 PM

Shrimp, Ribs, and Romance Under $100.00

Does anyone know of any restaurant that specializes in both shrimp and ribs, beautifully packaged with the magical ribbon of romance? These kids are no more than twenty years old, and are already living the lives of the old romantics of yesteryear. He's been here from Colombia only eighteen months and if what he does tomorrow, will be as good as what he does today, he will become a brilliant writer. She is a close friend of one of my "adopted" granddaughters. They would like a place that is a bit more elegant than "casual" while not being too formal. Location can be just about anywhere in or near the San Fernando Valley. His max is $100.00 with everything, preferably closer to $75.00. Le c'est possible? Thanks, Jeff

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