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Feb 10, 2010 01:24 PM

Ideas for good, local eats in Ann Arbor/Detroit?


My husband and I are going on a "romantic getaway" in a few weeks and will be staying at a hotel in Plymouth. We don't ever get to do this and I want to make sure that we eat at a place that is memorable for the occasion. I like fancy, but we don't have a lot of money (Eve's is way too expensive, from what I saw!!). I'm up for any kind of food, but especially like Indian. Also an option would be a place that specializes in preparing with local ingredients. We are looking to eat out on Monday night, but could do Sunday if we had to, I suppose. Someplace that has a unique atmosphere would be great, or unique and tasty menu choices.

Thanks for your help!

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  1. About how many meals do you think you need to cover?

    As for Indian...I would not call this place at all romantic...but I love in so many ways.

    For some the Atmosphere and a good meal...that is going to be a east one. - I am sure you will find many people hear to second this recommendation. My wife just looked at me the other day and with a sparkle in her eye said "We SO need to get back to Diamond Jim Brady's."

    As for places that serve local raised and produced food....unfortunately the area has yet to get on this wagon.

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      I will, indeed, second the idea of Diamond Jim Brady's. I was just there on Saturday night, as a matter of fact, and enjoyed myself once again. I actually wasn't too crazy about the Shepherd's Pie special I had, as it was too salty for my taste, but it wasn't awful or anything, and the salad and bread were still good. Besides, I ate the whole Shepherd's Pie anyway...I was hungry!

      Trust me: DJB is a *great* place for both food and ambience. Do have the garlic-and-brown-sugar rubbed filet mignon with butternut squash won't be disappointed. My favorite, though it is the most expensive thing on the menu at $27. Even so, it's worth it.

      La Pita in Dearborn might fit the bill if you were in the mood for Middle Eastern food. Don't know that that's your type of food, though. It sure is a great place with great food, though!

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        had lunch there yesterday. very good - as always.

        had a cup of there chili for the first time. it was ok. a bit on the sweet side. also had a california club - turkey, gruyere, and avacado and it was great. the guy i was with had a gravlox quesadilla. looked good/interesting with fresh gravlox cream cheese, onions, capers and maybe a bit of hardboiled egg on a rather crispy tortilla. he said it wasn't quite too his tasting - but not because it was of poor quality. for me, that would have been too much salmon.

        saw mary on the way out. she looks well and she is as warm and welcoming as ever.

      2. We are only going to be around for dinner on Sunday night and Monday night, plan on having lunch at the hotel restaurant on Monday, and probably breakfast Monday and Tuesday at a local place in Plymouth, or at the hotel. We have a limited budget, which is not even known at this time (some friends are sending us away).

        1. For an inexpensive breakfast or lunch, I'd suggest Bode's, which is something of a local institution. Their specialty is corned beef.

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            Yeah, that place is an institution in Plymouth. It's like something straight out of "A Prairie Home Companion." The regulars all have their own mugs hanging on the wall.

          2. haven't been here in a long time, but Ernesto's had decent food in a nice room. Maybe someone with more recent experience can say whether this is still a good choice. Not too expensive, either.

            Is Raja Rani any good still in A2?

            1. For indian....
              Shalimar Restaurant
              307 S. Main,
              Ann Arbor, MI 48104
              It's in Ann Arbor, a short drive from Plymouth but definitely worth the drive.

              Ashoka Indian Cuisine
              2100 North Haggerty Road
              Canton, MI 48187-3767
              (734) 844-3100
              this is in Canton and not that far of a drive from Plymouth.

              If you have time I would definitely venture out to Ann Arbor, you might need to call ahead if you plan on going on Sunday night.

              There is a great breakfast place on Ann Arbor Trail and Forest right in downtown Plymouth but for the life of me can't think of the name... they have this gigantic loaf of cinnamon bread that is enough to feed a small army....if I think of the name I'll post it.
              Have a Great Weekend!!

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              1. re: MiMexTex

                Was the breakfast place the Cozy Cafe? They were famous for their giant cinnamon rolls, but that was before the previous owners sold out a year or more ago. How recently have you been there?

                1. re: gooddog

                  Last time I was there was probably in the Fall of 2009, so after you say they were sold. I had a quiche and shared the cinnamon roll. Food was pretty good and I guess the new owners continued the cinnamon roll tradition.