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Feb 10, 2010 01:20 PM

Lobster Dinner in February!

I'm traveling to Portland for Valentines Day (Monday and Tuesday night) and although I know tis not the season for Lobster, I STILL WANT IT!

I've never had Maine Lobster in Maine and I want to enjoy it while I'm there.

I prefer steamed/boiled bigger (1 1/2-2lb) lobsters with drawn butter and I don't care if it's fancy or cheesy or cheap or expensive or kitschy- as long as it's absolutely delicious.

What places are opened year-round and still serves lobster? (that is enjoyed by the locals..)

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  1. I don't have any place in particular, but make sure you call ahead wherever you decide to go, if the weather is bad out on the water, the boats won't go out and you might not find any because of that. Otherwise, it should not be hard to find up there. The only place I've been is the Portland Lobster Co. It was okay... Not bad, but I wouldn't drive to Portland just to go there.

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      The weather will make no difference at all in lobster availability - there will always be plenty of lobsters even in bad weather.

      If you are looking kitschy and cheesy then DiMillo's restaurant would fit the bill. I am not sure it counts as being enjoyed by locals but I have heard rumors that they have a new chef that is actually quite good. Regardless, they certainly know how to cook a lobster and should have some big ones on hand. They also do enough volume that their lobsters should be healthy and kicking. I can't think of any other places off the top of my head that would have steamed lobsters in the middle of the winter. The portland lobster company is closed in the winter.

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        I agree that DiMillo's can fill the bill for a basic lobster.

        Other options include Old Port Sea Grill and Street & Co if you are looking for lobster beyond basic preparation.

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          I agree. I was up last weekend- DiMillo's is definitely kitschy but the food Ive had there has been pretty solid. They are also having a special on broiled or baked lobsters right now.

          Street and Co- my personal choice :-) has a lobster diavolo entree to be shared by two that looked incredible this past weekend, though I was went for a fresh fish dish instead.

          1. re: fmcoxe6188

            I also agree with the above...
            DiMillo's for basic lobster
            Street & Co or Old Port Sea Grill for lobster beyond basic.......
            Salt Water Grill is not one of my favorites... DiMillo's is so much better.

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      1. We always visit Portland in mid-March, we love to go to J's Oyster off Commercial Street and although we have never ordered lobster I see others doing so. It's not a fancy/sleek/ upscale place, more a retro/townie place with an ambiance that I appreciate, great harbor views too. The waitstaff is very friendly, we have always enjoyed our oysters and grilled fish or lobster rolls, it;s a must for our Portland visit..

          1. Di Millo's was perfect for dinner and J's Oyster Bar was also perfect for lunch.

            Thank you

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            1. re: fex

              Glad you enjoyed your meals and visit........
              And thank you for letting us know your choices.

              1. re: irwin

                I am so glad you enjoyed your lobster dinner at DiMillo's. It was a great value. My husband and just made hotel reservations for downtown Portland in April, hopefully the lobster special will still be on. I doubt it.

                1. re: candykat

                  Were in town for business and a local recommended DiMillo's. We had the Lobsterbake special. Clam chowder - lots of seafood, potatoes, and SALT. Fresh steamed clams - I don't know at what time were they fresh but perhaps not this century. Stuffed lobster - stuffed with 2 inches of breadcrumbs, nearly had to dig to China for the lobster meat, which was decent enough. Rice pilaf - please don't give fancy names to Uncle Ben's. Fresh steamed veggies - tired boiled carrots. Last but luckily not least, Blueberry cobbler was good.

                  Was the $38 worth it? in our minds no. Should have gone for the simple 2 boiled lobsters for $20.