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Feb 10, 2010 12:57 PM

Help - Need Main Line Restaurant suggestions for Sunday night dinner!

We'll be in the Haverford/Ardmore area but don't mind driving a little. Any type of cuisine is fine, with a nice atmosphere where we can hear our conversation. We've been to Tango in Bryn Mawr and liked it ,but want to expand our horizon.

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  1. How about the more informal atmosphere of the local pubs, like the Penn Valley Pub in Narberth (863 Montgomery) and McCloskey's in Ardmore (17 Cricket Ave). Not restaurants, but we like 'em.

    1. We very much enjoy Yang Ming, which is just a few minutes north of Lancaster Avenue in Bryn Mawr.
      Although the name is Chinese, the menu is eclectic. They have many, many choices and everything we have ever had there has been delicious.
      I never can resist starting with the Caesar Salad with Asian pears and chicken strips.
      My husband loves the hot-and-sour soup, and we both enjoy the mushroom dumplings, the ribs, etc., etc.
      The Peking duck is terrific. You can order half a duck - which is usually enough for both of us. They will fix it in pancakes tableside.
      Their seafood (soft shells are great, in season), their honey shrimp with walnuts, their chicken dishes, meat - everything has always been first rate.
      And they have an excellent bar.
      This is a very popular place, with good reason. Highly recommended.

      1. We just ate at Verdad last week which is in Bryn Mawr next to the movie theatre. Most of the menu was very good. Loved the short rib flat bread and the hamachi and scallop ceviches were very good as well. The Kobe taco was excellent too. Nice atmosphere and close by. We didn't love the main meat dishes as much as the smaller plates. They also have a Paella that you can order but it takes a long time so we didn't try it this time. Nice place and something a little different. We also LOVE La Maison in Ardmore. French place so authentic that the service is VERY slow. But the mussels are fantastic. Great specials.

        1. The Newtown Grill in Newtown Square is great.Good selections of pastas and Steaks.
          Romantic Wine Cellar