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Feb 10, 2010 12:47 PM

Best Steak Portland area...

Hi All,

I'm very familiar with almost all restaurants in and around Portland but I swear it's hard to find a really good steak. Everyone has hanger steak or skirt steak but I'm looking for a really good rib eye, t-bone, porterhouse...etc. Any suggestions??

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  1. Can't vouch for quality but The Grill Room does have ribeye (and NY Sirloin) on menu.

    1. Twenty Milk Street at the Regency Hotel has the only prime steaks in the Portland area and was excellent on both occasions we were there. On the expensive side but overall worth it.

      1. Thanks guys, we went to the Grill Room for dinner and the rib eye was amazing as was everything else. Our new favorite restaurant. I will try the Regency as well.