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Feb 10, 2010 12:08 PM

Themed or wacky restaurants in Tokyo

I think within my 4 days in Tokyo I'd like to bring my NYC friends to try at least 1 themed or wacky restaurant in Tokyo. Maybe even a getemono bar/restaurant if people are brave enough. I've searched here but there's really not all that much info. I've found some links online but I'd like some first hand info on whether it's worth it. So my criteria is:

1) Has to be in Tokyo (we are staying in Shinjuku so the closer the better since it might not be easy to convince them to go).

2) Not too pricey (say JPY5000/person or under)

3) Should have good food/drink

4) Would be a plus if they are open for lunch/afternoon tea (since we can still experience it but for a cheaper price)

Any good suggestions?

From http://www.lacarmina.com/tokyorestaur... I got a list of the Tokyo theme restaurants that might be of interest:

I. Spook-tastic

1. Alcatraz
2. The Lock-Up
3. Ninja
4. Vampire
5. Ghost

II. Another Time and Place

6. Niagara Curry (Trains
)7. Sumire no Tenmado (Gothic Lolita)
8. Seiryumon (Little Hong Kong)
9. Puroland (Hello Kitty)

III. Storybook

10. Alice in Wonderland
11. Phantom of the Opera
12. Valley of the Fairiesr
13. Princess Heart

IV. The Gods Must Be Angry

14. Christon
15. Miko (Shinto Temple Girls)

V. Maids and Cosplay

16. A Place Called Akihabara
II. Mailish
III. Melty Cure
IV. Cos-Cha
17. Hibari-tei (Drag Maids)
18. Love-All (Suits and Spectacles)
19. Butler
20. Edelstein (Schoolboy)

VI. Tipsy Theme Bars

21. Vowz (Buddhist Priest)
22. Kagaya (Puppets and Costumes)

VII. Animal-Mania

23. Pig
24. Cat
25. Dog
26. Monkey

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  1. No first hand info here (the only themed place I have been to in Tokyo is Moomin cafe...), but I think that Notquitenigella's blog (Australian food blogger) has a review on Alice and Lockup with several pictures and comments on the food. That might give an idea how those places are food-wise. Lockup would be quite close to you, in Shibuya.

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          @ ttj: I just read the blog. So it seems like she had a much more favorable experience at The Lockup (prison themed restaurant) then the Alice In Wonderland restaurant. I definitely wouldn't mind trying The Lockup since they have a branch in Shinjuku (you wrote Shibuya but I know you meant Shinjuku) which is nice and close to our hotel:


          Seems like the Shinjuku branch is rated lower than their other branches (Ikebukuro, Omiya & Kobe). I wonder why...

          Anyone tried Alcatraz ER in Shibuya? Looks more 'entertaining' than The Lockup but also looks to be more pricey. Here's their translated page on tableog:


        2. The two branches of Vow's Bar are just ordinary, very quiet bars; I don't think they'd even fit a group of seven people.

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