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Feb 10, 2010 12:03 PM

where can I find Chinese/Thai/Asian Desserts in Montreal?

Does anybody know where can I find asian/chinese desserts?

for example:
- cendol
- hot/cold chinese desserts with red bean, taro, etc
- snowcone with syrup n fruits
- thai desserts

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  1. In a word: Chinatown. (or as some locals like to call it, China Block-and-a-Half)

    My personal fave is Patisserie Harmonie at the corner of St-Urbain & de la Gauchetiere.

    I know others prefer MM Legende. You could walk around Chinatown and sample a bunch of places, easily.

    Thai desserts are tougher. Talay Thai has some - see details here:

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      thank you for ure reply n resources!

      however, im looking more like real asian desserts... cos yes although those buns at chinatown pastry shops are looked upon as desserts, but they're actually called "asian bread" in asian... (i dont know if u understand....)

      1. re: HawtLeak

        Sorry for misunderstanding what you're looking for! Hopefully someone else can help.

    2. wow do i miss those.
      the closest i have to come to finding any asian desserts is the korean restaurant on st catherines, i think its called towa? serves pa pin su (similar to the snowcone chinese dessert) or at least had a sign in the window saying they served it. never went though. and for chinese desserts, the closest to it i've seen are the buns they usually serve at dim sum restaurants, red bean, winter melon cake, custard, etc. i would DIE to get the lesser known chinese hot soup desserts, hong do sa type of stuff.

      1. Restaurant Amigo has a different tong sui for every day of the week. Other Chinatown restaurants may have them as well. You will have to ask because they might not be on the menu.

        I've had one of those Indonesian shaved ice desserts at one of Nonya's previous incarnations. Don't know if they still do them.

        Vietnamese chè is much easier to find. Every pho joint in town makes two or three different ones. The three colour or rainbow chè is the same thing as cendol. Banh Xeo Minh and the place next door on Bélanger both offer up a nice range of chè. Most Asian groceries sell them, as well.

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          The place next to Banh Xeo Minh is called Gò Công and it's very good. I wrote about it in the Restaurant Openings thread, last year. I did go back afterwards and had a lovely meal there. I hope people in the area will check it out. I would love for this friendly, family run hole-in-the-wall to still be around when I get back to Montreal.

        2. Snackhappy just beat me to it - a version of Cendol is found at most vietnamese places. I had one last Friday night at Pho Bang New York (1001 St Laurent)

          1. Keung Ki(wtv it spelled) use to have an awesome tsa nai(fried milk).

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              Keung Kee, I think. They don't have it anymore?

              1. re: mainsqueeze

                I don't know. Didn't go there for a few month.