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Feb 10, 2010 11:41 AM

Crawfish Boil and Fry - Torrance/South Bay

Anyone try the new Crawfish Boil and Fry in Torrance on Western around 239th street in the space attached to the ice rink? I passed it a couple of times and saw banners and such, but I don't even think the place has a name.

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  1. Going tonight and will post review of experience tomorrow. I walked in on Sunday, no crawfish, flown in every monday fresh, that it's a small kitchen and weird setup but that doesn't mean the food's not good. Post tomorrow.

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      Went last night and for the second time in a row they were out of crawfish. The manager laughed it off and told me to come back on Thursday because they "Might" have some in by then. I asked what the problem was as I stopped by on Sunday and was told fresh Crawfish was being flowin in on Monday. He said they had a big order of 25lbs that took all their inventory. Really? A bag delivered from Louisiana weighs between 35-38 pounds. So you sold a whopping 12-13 pounds on Monday and then let the rest of your inventory be depleted by selling 25 pounds to one person or group? Not smart. Not when you have nothing left. Not when you advertise that you have fresh crawfish on huge banners outside your place. While I cannot vouch for the food and most likely won't be able to as I don't plan on going back and I can tell you that the management and logistics portion of the operation are sub par at best so at this point it's a 1 star for poor.

      Pokey's Sports Grill
      23770 Western Ave, Harbor City, CA 90710

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        That's too bad. I live very close to this place and was hoping to check it out.

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          I use a crayfish wholesaler in Gardena he always has 100 to 200 lbs live dad's in stock.

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            Hey, what's the name of that wholesaler in Gardena?

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              Yeah, waht is the name and location?

              1. re: wubloodkin

                He sells wholesale not to the public.

                1. re: WSB

         you buy for ur business? if so then I need to buy from you..

        2. This restaurant is closed with a FOR RENT sign posted on the window. That didn't last long.