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Feb 10, 2010 11:15 AM

Where to find Montreal-style subs? (split from Ontario board)

yeah, where are those subs in Montreal? I'm there the week of May 8th for UFC

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  1. You can get the subs at any local greasy spoon or pizza joint. Two places in old Montreal - "Louigi's" (quotation marks intentional) and McGill Plaza Restaurant, both at McGill and St-Maurice. The McGill Ghetto classics Mamma's Pizza and Alto's serves them too. Lafleurs has them as well. They're everywhere, yet never get much play here in Toronto.

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    1. re: eatravel

      As far as I remember, Lafleurs doesn't offers any subs, only burgers and hot dogs.

      Manzo's is the place, otherwise, i like those from New System BBQ on Notre Dame or George le roi du sous-marin in Ville St-Pierre

    2. manzo in Lasalle, or if you need to stay downtown, Angela's pizzeria on deMaisonneuve.

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      1. re: C70

        Agreed - if you have a car, Manzo is worth a trip:

      2. Hey all, I'm right downtown across from the Bell Center; in the hotel beside Le Queue de Cheval (Le Hotel Crystal) so Old Montreal probably wont be happening

        LaFleur's is great for a Torontonian like me but I'm pretty sure it's just steamies & poutines

        Anyone know of one of these sub places right in the downtown core, like around Crescent & Renee Levesque?


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        1. re: duckdown

          order delivery from angela's, 514-933-2000. they are the nearest to you, and your best bet for that style of sub downtown.

          or, walk! it's 2 blocks north, 4 blocks west.

          1. re: C70

            Thanks C70,will check them out!


        2. What's Montreal-style sub(if there's such a thing)?

          1. Pendeli's pizza makes a good sub. Very generous.