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Where to find Montreal-style subs? (split from Ontario board)

yeah, where are those subs in Montreal? I'm there the week of May 8th for UFC

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  1. You can get the subs at any local greasy spoon or pizza joint. Two places in old Montreal - "Louigi's" (quotation marks intentional) and McGill Plaza Restaurant, both at McGill and St-Maurice. The McGill Ghetto classics Mamma's Pizza and Alto's serves them too. Lafleurs has them as well. They're everywhere, yet never get much play here in Toronto.

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      As far as I remember, Lafleurs doesn't offers any subs, only burgers and hot dogs.

      Manzo's is the place, otherwise, i like those from New System BBQ on Notre Dame or George le roi du sous-marin in Ville St-Pierre

    2. manzo in Lasalle, or if you need to stay downtown, Angela's pizzeria on deMaisonneuve.

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        Agreed - if you have a car, Manzo is worth a trip:


      2. Hey all, I'm right downtown across from the Bell Center; in the hotel beside Le Queue de Cheval (Le Hotel Crystal) so Old Montreal probably wont be happening

        LaFleur's is great for a Torontonian like me but I'm pretty sure it's just steamies & poutines

        Anyone know of one of these sub places right in the downtown core, like around Crescent & Renee Levesque?


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          order delivery from angela's, 514-933-2000. they are the nearest to you, and your best bet for that style of sub downtown.

          or, walk! it's 2 blocks north, 4 blocks west.

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            Thanks C70,will check them out!


        2. What's Montreal-style sub(if there's such a thing)?

          1. Pendeli's pizza makes a good sub. Very generous.

            1. Perhaps you're thinking of the Italian subs Montreal-style like Momesso's

              Here's a thread that mentions Momesso --514) 484-0005 - 5562 Ch Upper-Lachine, Montreal, QC H4A2A7, CA and some other sandwich places


              1. the reason this thread makes no sense in my original post is because this was split from an Ontario board conversation where someone describes the sub specifically

                please click here :



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                  Thanks, now I understand. I didn't know it was a Montreal specific thing.

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                    i thought that was just a toasted philly cheesesteak.

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                      Gasp! Totally different animal.

                      I have to admit I occasionally like to order a steak and mushroom sub from Jimmy's on Hochelaga. They come on crappy bread, and are topped with mixed dried herbs, bottled salad dressing, melted cheese (they same that goes on their pizza), and (usually unripe) tomatoes. Sure it hits the spot when you're in the mood.

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                    altos sells that and delievers anywhere in the plateau or downtown