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Feb 10, 2010 11:29 AM

ISO Sen Yai, really wide rice noodles (Thai, Chinese)

It's so weird -- I've scoured 8th Ave. in Brooklyn (including Hong Kong supermarket) and Manhattan's Chinatown (including the Thai shop on Mosco St.), but I can't find any grocer selling the really, really wide noodles that I love so much in dishes like Pad Kee Mao or Chow Fun. Sometimes these are called Sen Yaay/Yai, and they're at least an inch wide. Could all these Thai restaurants really be making these noodles in-house? Anyone know where to buy these, fresh, dried or frozen?

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  1. They're often made fresh and sold by the tofu purveyors in Manhattan's Chinatown, and possibly by the one fresh tofu place on 8th Avenue in Sunset Park. I usually purchase mine from the tofu shop on the corner of Bowery and Grand St. It's best to go early in the day when they're freshly made. The fresh rice noodles don't keep well -- they begin to get hard and mealy in less than 24 hours. I recommend cooking them the same day you purchase them. I'm not crazy about the frozen kind -- they lack the silkiness and elasticity of the fresh noodles, and they also tend to tear and crumble after thawing. Hope this helps.

    1. Maybe the rice noodle merchants profiled in this link have what you need (they're listed towards the bottom of the page):

      1. Look around the fresh baked good section in Chinese grocery stores. That is where I have seen them in the uncut folded up sheet packages.

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