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Feb 10, 2010 11:28 AM

Review: Bluewater Seafood Grill

Ok...I had seen this place on Diners, Drive Ins and Dives and I'm not really one for "touristy" places, but this place hits the mark! I guess technically, it's not so much a touristy place as it's a locals place.

We arrived around 4 pm on a thursday and there were only a few people inside.
There were 2 girls working the fairly nice and one evil.
This is a counter-order place, then they will bring you your food on styrofoam plates with plastic cutlery.
They do serve beer as well as bottled Snapple products. There's also a fresh fish counter, to get some yummy stuff to cook at home.

So we got up to the counter and I totally forgot what I wanted to order, so we stepped out of line, to let the guy behind us, place his order. The evil girl said to us, "he doesn't know what he one ever does." Like really snotty. It wasn't funny or cute the way she said it.

ANYHOO....we settled on half a dozen raw oysters, 2 mahi mahi tacos and the grilled mahi-mahi in garlic, lemon butter with a salad with vinagrette dressing, a beer and a Snapple which we ordered with the fairly nice girl.

We grabbed a table and waited. maybe 10 mins later the grumpy girl brought our food over to our table. YUM! I couldn't wait to dig in.

I can't eat oysters, but hubby said they were wonderful.

The tacos were phenomenal! Fried mahi-mahi on soft corn tortillas with a fresh made white sauce, cabbage, tomato, onions and cheese.
First of all, they were literally had to hold them with 2 hands. That white sauce should be sold by the ton...I would put that on everything.

The grilled Mahi-mahi was a real nice peice of fish on a bed of rice, with a side salad. I gotta tell ya...that dressing was great! it's handmade and really surprising.
The fish was grilled to perfection and was totally enough for the two of us to share.
The huge tacos helped with filling us up, as well.

Midway thru our meal, hubby went back up to the counter to order another beer and came face to face with the evil one. He said he would like another beer and her response was, "You didn't order from me, so I don't know what you want."
REALLY? You treat customers like that? WOW.
He ordered his beer, we finished our wonderful food and left.

I would love to go back, but because of the horrible attitude of that one ruined it for us. Guess it's good we don't live there.

Just an FYI about the parking. There are meters in front of the building and a parking lot a little further up the street....but that's reserved for another restaurant. We meter parked about a block up the road.
The place is on a one-way street, so if you pass it, you have to around the block again.

The food was great, but poor service and crappy attitudes is huge turn off for me, but you should all at least try this place.

I'll add my pix later..........

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  1. I had to laugh about the rude girl there. I've experienced the same thing before. Once when they were a little busy the girl at the register actually tried to talk us out of ordering. She said that since the kitchen was behind we might just want to leave. I was amazed. We stayed and our food came a reasonable time later. The problem must be with the management allowing this to go on. My experience was probably a year ago.

    I haven't been back in a long time, but I haven't totally sworn it off yet.

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    1. re: jasont

      We've run into abysmal service there, too. Evidently they're busy enough that they don't care.

      1. re: Josh

        Or busy enough that they're overwhelmed and can't cope with it. I was there for the fish market the Saturday after their spot on FTV aired the first time. It was insane. The guy at the fish counter that helped me said it had been wild all week and they weren't prepared for it. I've been back for fish several times after that, and it's continued to be way busier than before. Everyone has seemed much more stressed than before the FTV spot. It's like they're going 100 miles and hour and can't stop. I'm not excusing the poor behavior and attitude, it's not right and does need to be dealt with or they'll loose the regulars who put them on the map in the first place.

        I do know that when Cesar Gonzales (Mama Testa) did the throwdonw with Bobby Flay, the people from FTV told him to get prepared, that the restaurant would be slammed for a while after the show aired. It was, and still is every time that segment reruns. Even though Cesar hired extra staff, they couldn't cope with the onslaught of constant customers that turned into the never ending line. Personally, I think the food and service at MT has suffered as a result of the Throwdown segment. I think the same thing happened at Blue Water. The exposure is great because it helps the restaurants, but at the same time it really taxes their ability to do what they've always done well.

        1. re: DiningDiva

          I really hope Guy Fieri never hears about Super Cocina.

          1. re: Josh

            You and me both. Every time FTV does a feature on a SD mid-range place it totally screws them up for months afterwards.

            1. re: DiningDiva

              Perhaps a letter-writing campaign will urge him to check out the joys of Cheesecake Factory

              1. re: Josh

                The problem with your suggestion, Josh, is that the place you recommend *already* has huge lines. I doubt huger lines would change things very much.

                1. re: Josh

                  hahahaha...cheescake factory! I love it! That's funny

              2. re: Josh

                Oh man, me too. It seems like the type of place he'd really groove on. I can see him now, in the kitchen trying to help the grandmothers tending to their cauldrons.

              3. re: DiningDiva

                I really don't care *that* much about service so long as the food is good. I haven't been to Blue Water for a while, mainly because I'm not convinced of the value proposition. I feel that the food should be executed better for the price charged (speaking of the fresh items on the blackboard).