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Feb 10, 2010 11:22 AM

deal or no deal at McCormick and Schmick?

Advertised in the Globe today for Valentine's weekend..... $29.95

Sour or salad,
Filet mignon or lobster tail,
crab cake or filet of salmon or skewer of shrimp,
seasonal veggies

We've never been, don't have plans for Valentine's Day and would probably get the filet mignon. Do you think it's worth a try?

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  1. I would say.....its a gamble but I do enjoy M & S when I travel for work because the food is quite reliable in the upscale chain scheme of things. If you are looking for a Chowhound endorsement of M & S, I will not go there, thank you.

    1. I haven't gone in a long time but have had good luck with dinner there.

      1. It's not very hip to enjoy Mc&S here on Chowhound, but I've had really good experiences there, and $30 for that meal sounds great.

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        1. re: Boston_Otter

          Thanks everyone. I did a search on this board and found very little positive or negative about this place. Made a reservation but we're still on the fence so I'll keep checking in to see if more posts will push us off!

          1. re: tweetie

            Because it is a national chain, you're not gonna find a lot of 'hound love. Doesn't mean it is respectable enough and very good for what it provides. $30 for that meal sounds like a good deal.

        2. I haven't eaten there in a while but I used to find it M&S a very comfortable and enjoyable place for a lunch. The food is good, and the seafood it specializes in can be as good or better than Legal Sea. That said, the V-day special strikes me as iffy. If you figure $60 for the chow, let's say $20 for drinks, another $20 for tax and tip, you just dropped $100. You could probably eat better -- maybe a lot better -- in a more interesting, non-chain restaurant for not much more money. Which is to say, what at first looks like a bargain isn't really going to save you all that much money. Of course getting reservations on Valentine's day in many places will be a problem, which is why you'll find me cooking dinner for my love at home on Sunday.

          1. I think it's certainly a good deal, and you won't be unhappy in the least.

            The reason you won't get more love on CH is that I think a lot of people on here feel like you can get a better meal for $29.95 elsewhere -- the Grotto, or Marliave, or Carlo's Cucina Italiana, etc. etc. etc.

            But if you like Mc&Sh, I don't think you should have to apologize.

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            1. re: TroyOLeary

              You think like I do, katzzz. I figured it wil be a $100 meal and yes, lots of other options around the city for that amount of money. It just caught my eye because we probably wouldn't head there under ordinary circumstances and most steakhouse filets run $25-30 on their own with all else a la carte. I had a turkey dinner planned for my Valentine (of the past 28 years) so I've decided to cook it tomorrow and keep our options open for Sunday. Still teetering on the fence.........