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Feb 10, 2010 11:19 AM

Looking for a SONO recommendation - Good Food & Fun

It's been a long time since i've eaten in SONO and am looking for a recommendation for this saturday night (loved Habana and haven't been going back much since it closed). Looking for a fun atmosphere (yet not too loud) and good food. Not overpriced would be a +. Also not interested in Barcelona . . .

Happy snow day!

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  1. There are 2 restaurants right across from the Aquarium called Papaya Thai and Goccia (Italian/Medit type). I haven't been myself, but I've read that they can be fun places. I'm sure others will weigh in and confirm if the food is any good.
    On Washington Street:
    When I head to SoNo it is usually for Pasta Nostra - - - but it's not cheap but has some of the best pasta dishes around (plus the best Italian wine list I've ever seen).
    Some will tell you Match, but I'm not a huge fan. It probably bet meets your "fun" atmosphere desire, but it too isn't cheap.
    The Gingerman is a great place if you want to sit at the bar and get a beer - - tons of great selections. I have been to both the SoNo location and Greenwhich location in the last month and the SoNo spot is 1000% better. Haven't eaten there though.

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      I probably put too much emphasis on the fun part. The food is definitely important. We are a mid-30s couple trying a fun, pre-Valentines dinner (to avoid the stuffy, over-priced valentines pre-fix dinners). Living in Stamford, I've done Market but never Match and Gingerman in Greenwich. Pasta Nostra looks great. Thx for the suggestion.

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        Goccia has been closed for quite some time...

      2. Try Osetra. IMO, one of the better restaurants in Sono.

        BTW, Habana has reopened in Stamford.

        1. You have heard the food side. What the jfoods and friends normally do is meet at The Loft for a drink, then dinner across the street. Then if so inclined back to the loft for after dinner libations. Or if you want a great dessert wander around the corner to chocopologie for hot chocolate and other fantastic flavors.

          He would also recommend Osetra as the place. He does not like Match, likes Strada 18, Wasabi Chi and Coromandel (you have one in STM). Around the corner past the theatre is Kazu which is a nice vibe Japanese. Papaya Thai location is very dismal and not very fun for a V-Day place.

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              Due to the location never interested jfood, almost like eating in a warehouse area. It is owned by the same owners of either Plum Tree or Chings in New Canaan though.

          1. Gingerman in SoNo is one of those places I want to like, but every time I go in there I'm put off by attitude from the staff. I've never eaten there, just had beers at the bar.