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Feb 10, 2010 11:10 AM

Louie's Pizza Woburn

After reading about this place on this and other foodie boards I finally got around to trying it. It really lived up to the great reviews. The place has very limited hours of operation, they don't deliver and they ONLY sell pizza and excellent pizza it is. The crust is thin, perfectly cooked so that when I picked up a slice it didn't flop over. The sauce was very flavorful and didn't taste like something out of a can. It was $11.00 for a 14" pie with cheese and mushrooms which I thought was reasonable based on the truly handmade nature of the pizza. It's a small place and they do have a few tables but it is primarily a take out place. If anyone is in the Woburn, Winchester area I would strongly recommend giving Louie's a try.

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  1. RoyRon...I have been going to Louies for many, many years...25+ to be not so exact. My family used to either go to Louies or Bellino's in Winchester (the old location on Swanton Street). It really is a great favorite is the garlic & roni.