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Feb 10, 2010 11:03 AM

Open Late in West Palm Beach

Friends and I will be travelling to WPB at the end of July to see a couple concerts at Cruzan Amp.

I'm looking for food suggestions for after the shows. They will probably end around 11 pm, and we're staying at the PGA resort if that helps. Any cuisine is acceptable, and I'll understand (but will be disappointed) if only pizza is availabe. It seems that it is par for the course in the US.

I'd also would like some recommendations for seafood restaurants, if you all would be so kind.

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  1. Havana is open all night for the walk-up window, but you could check with them on how late the restaurant is open - might be quite late also. Not a fancy place, but good Cuban food. On the corner of Forest Hills Blvd. and Dixie Highway in WPB.

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      Tacos Al Cabron
      4420 Lake Worth Rd. lake Worth Florida

      Open 24 hours

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        Havana or Tacos Al Carbon both in WPB sound like the best bets.

    2. So you're headed to the two DMB shows with one of my favorite bands Gov"t Mule I suppose. Late night food is a tough one for the PGA resort area. There's a local neighborhood pub on PGA Blvd called The Snuggery that is always packed late night but I can't vouch for food quality or last service time. The New York Bar & Grill might be another option and they serve a full menu till 2am or later. However, you will be stepping into a geriatric crowd and an atmosphere dating back 30 years with a cheesy band. These are only if you can't find anything else.

      The Snuggery
      2556 PGA Boulevard
      Palm Beach Gardens, FL
      (561) 622-2231‎

      NY Bar& Grill
      12189 US Highway 1
      North Palm Beach, FL 33408
      (561) 694-7878

      Seafood I can help with in nearby Juno Beach and Jupiter. Either place is a guaranteed hit for fresh seafood.

      Reef Grill Juno
      12846 US Highway 1
      Juno Beach, FL 33408
      (561) 624-9924

      LEFTOVERS Cafe
      451 University Blvd.
      Jupiter, Florida 33458
      phone: 561-627-6030

      There's also a great thai resto right near the PGA resort area that serves a great fried whole yellowtail.

      Talay Thai
      7100 Fairway Drive
      LA Fitness Center
      Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418
      Phone: 561.691.5662

      1. For good food late at night, Havana would be my first choice. Havana's inside resturant is open till 11 on weekdays, 1am weekends, but walk up is 24 hours if I remember correctly ( Good food, and somehow the inside dining room looks twice the size of the building that holds it. BIt of a drive south from PGA bur worth it for a midnight meal. For fish, if you want to stay close to PGA and don't mind spending some money, try The River House ( A couple other favorites in your immediate area are Cafe Chardonnay (, and the Waterway Cafe (, which is a little more youthful (PGA area is full of retirees). Make certain you stop at Carmine's market ( which is a treat for any foodie. Carmine's resturant is also pretty good. That should be enough to keep you busy while you're in town! Enjoy your visit.

        1. Thanks everyone! That's quite a step up from crappy pizza.

          @freaderdude - I'm hoping they play Cortez the Killer, with Warren Haynes guesting of course. :)