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Feb 10, 2010 10:13 AM


Looking for good sushi in the Gilbert, AZ area

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  1. I found this review of Four Seasons here: and passed it along to a sushi-loving friend of mine. He's been several times and says that it's very good.

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      Thanks for posting that link, wildwestcats! I was thinking of that post this weekend, but couldn't find it. We usually end up at Sakana on Power Road. It's not groundbreaking, but solid food and friendly service.

      1. re: MesaChow

        Technically Mesa, but go a mile south you're in Gilbert- I am also an advocate for Sekai Sushi, on the northwest corner of the massive two story office/strip mall of Gilbert and Southern. It's been there for over ten years, and there is a devoted following. Nice photo-lined separate dining area for promotion's sake, but tastefully done, just like the decor of the rest of the restaurant. The owner is very endearing, with classic memories of chopsticks taped together for those who are c.sticks handicapped. Same c/s handicapped friend also spilled soy sauce on his shirt, so she made him a bib and got him some carbonated water to get the stain out. If you're offended by that level of interaction, understandable, and I don't say it to imply you will also receive it, just little things have made this place also burrow into my heart.

        The sushi itself I rate just a hair over Sakana, and while agreeing upon its friendly service, the ambiance combined with the charismatic owner gives the nod to Sekai over Sakana, despite the latter's better prices/amount ratio. Although both fall far behind my personal favorite of our area, the aforementioned Four Seasons. I mean, I like Sekai and Sakana, but if I couldn't have my Four Seasons, I would cry like a little girl. I actually had the best gyoza of my life there a few weeks ago, super hot, perfect crispiness without even approaching the dreaded land of the burnt, very juicy filling, and what made it the best for me, no oiliness/greasiness/whatsoever. How that is even possible with what amount to fried and then steamed dumplings, I don't know, but greatly appreciate. In about 6 visits now, always been happy with the sushi.

        1. re: Namius

          You've sold me on Four Seasons! It's gone straight to the top of my sushi list in the East Valley.