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Where can I buy 0% fat Greek Yoghurt in Toronto?

Does anyone know? I think Total make a 0% but I haven't seen it. Ironically I live at Danforth/Logan in Greektown, so either I'm not trying hard enough or it's not available.

Please let me know if you know a retailer who stocks it.


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  1. I can't speak for true Greek yoghurt per se but Summerhill Market is now selling Fage 0% yoghurt - and it's very good.

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      I tried the Fage Greek yogurt in the USA and loved it. Does anyone know any place that stocks it downtown or near King ? Bathurst??? Thanks...

    2. Liberté's new 0% fat greek yogurt is available at Sobeys (at least in the west end) and also at the Cheese Boutique (also in the west end). The Sobeys on Broadview should have it. BTW, it is delicious!

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          The Sobeys at Bremner and Spadina had it 3 days ago when i bought my container. yum!

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            They have it at Fresh and Wild at King and Spadina and at the Metro near Keele & St. Clair, although it's in the organic section of the dairy case, not with the regular yogurt. Oddly, it's the same price at both, $4.99. Used to be $4.79 at Metro, but they raised the price.

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              The No Frills in the Dufferin Mall now has it. And it's only $4.49.

              Dufferin Cafe
              2917 Dufferin St, Toronto, ON M6B3S7, CA

            2. It's Lebanese (made in Montreal) not Greek but I find Phoenica brand no-fat yogurt to be the one that tastes most like full-fat yogurt. I buy mine at the Dufferin Mall No Frills.

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                I'm definitely checking it out. Is it expensive? (I mean, I know it's No Frills, but...)

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                  The Phoenicia no-fat yogurt goes for under $3 for 750 ml.

                  My close second favourite no-fat yogurt that has full fat favour is Hewitt's—also under $3—which I buy at Fiesta Farms.

                  Fiesta Farms
                  200 Christie St, Toronto, ON M6G, CA

                1. Just bought Liberte O% fat greek yogurt at Longo's. It's delicious!!!

                  1. I just found the Liberte Brand 0% at Whole Foods and had to get it. I haven't had such healthy, delicious food since I left California!

                    1. Sobey's at Main and Danforth and the Shopper's Drug Mart (!) at Coxwell and Danforth now both have the Liberte 0% fat Greek yogurt.

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                      1. Can't believe these responses. People recommend locally made Greek type yogurt, but it has to be 0% bf, which is not what I would expect to get, or enjoy, in Greece.

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                          I agree with you. It's like buying zero fat ice cream. It's not ice cream then but something else.

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                            Don't knock it till you've tried it. I previously would not touch anything below 2% when I bought yogurt (and usually higher). Now I'll drive way out of my way for the Liberté 0% Greek yogurt, which is as thick as Western's 30% sour cream, but still has the tanginess of yogurt. I'm hooked. I've never been able to try Fage (Summerhill Market was back ordered when I made the trek there to buy it), but the price of Liberté is better and I can get it many places now (Highland Farms, Sobey's, Metro). Just found it today at Qi Natural Foods on Eglinton W, east of the Allen, and for 20¢ cheaper than the other places. I'm never without 2 tubs in my fridge.

                          2. 0% Greek-style yogurt by Liberté is now showing up all over the place. I buy it at Highland Farms (both Scarborough locations), and now find it at Sobey's and Metro. The label has been changed to emphasize that it's 0%, which may reflect the fact that this stuff is catching on like wildfire. I've heard it mentioned on at least three different television shows recently (Dr Oz, The Doctors and, I think, Rachael Ray). I think it may start to show up everywhere. I hope No Frills carries it at a lower price.

                            It seems to be the same price in each store: $4.99 for a 500 gr container. Metro had it for $4.97, which is the lowest price I've seen. I can't remember what I paid for it at Summerhill Market...perhaps closer to $5.99. They were backordered on Fage, so I still have yet to try that, but I'm happy enough with the Liberté and that I can buy it several places now. I just LOVE this stuff.

                            Highland Farms
                            850 Ellesmere Rd, Toronto, ON M1P, CA

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                              I found the Liberté brand at Essence Of Life in Kensington today, and surprise, surprise, it was even cheaper (how do they consistently have the best prices in town??). $4.49 for 500g.

                            2. Also can we just talk about the ridiculous nutritional content of said yogurt?? In 175g (just over half a cup) of Liberté 0% Greek there are only 110 cal, but 20g (!!!) of protein. Wild.

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                                Yeah the protein content is in stark contrast to the rest of the Liberté line. It's cuz they strain it way more using a lot more milk. It's the go-to choice now.