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Feb 10, 2010 09:36 AM

A Taste Of Soul: Malden. More info please.

Google it for the yelp review, which was noted on the recent CH soul food thread.

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  1. I finally made it in there late this afternoon, with my 3-year-old in tow. It's a small storefront - only two booths and four stools along the wall. I got the pulled pork sandwich, a beef rib dinner and a chicken dinner (leg and thigh). The food smelled soooo good in the car on my way home that as soon as we got into the house, I slapped just enough onto a plate for my son to keep him happy and then tucked into it myself.

    I know nothing about soul food - it's probably been 10 years since I had the opportunity to have the real thing - so I don't know how authentic this was. It sure was tasty, though. Portions were generous and the meats were served with plenty of sauce - more than would be my personal preference. My hubby came home from work and seemed happy that I'd decided to go for takeout instead of cooking!

    The pulled pork sandwich ($4.95) was, as noted on the Yelp reviews, quite messy. Lots of tender pork (with also some nice crispy bits) on a hamburger bun. The sauce was sweet, slightly thick and vinegar-y, with the tastes of smoke and black pepper.

    The beef ribs were also very tender with some nice crispy bits. I chose the sweet BBQ sauce, which was sweet & thick with a little hint of tomato (paste?) and garlic. For the chicken, I tried the spicy BBQ sauce, which was a very thick, tomato-y sauce with lots of cayenne and black pepper. The chicken itself was tender, flavorful, and had some sort of coating that inlcuded lots of black pepper.

    I got two side orders with each dinner (you have the option s of choosing just one side order), so the beef rib dinner was $12.99 and the chicken quarter (dark) dinner was $7.49. For sides, we had mac and cheese: a not-very-saucy version with lots of cheddar cheese and non-mushy macaroni (my son loved it); mashed potatoes, which were slighly lumpy, nicely seasoned with lots of pepper and appeared to be made from Yukon Golds (based on the color); collard greens, which were tender, not the least bit bitter and contained bits of pork; and macaroni salad, which had a mayo-based dressing (but not too much) and crunchy bell pepper, pickles, celery seed and a little yellow mustard.

    (For the record - my son also liked the collards, and the beef. He didn't like the pork, which surpised me since he's usually a pork fiend, but I think the sauce threw him off).

    They also have Jamaican (beef?) patties listed onthe menu, which I must try another day. They are open late on the weekends (1am on Fri and Sat), which is nice. The storefront itself is a little faded, so the vibe is more dive than hip, but that fits with the neighborhood. (It's my neighborhood, so I can say that).

    Overall, my family really enjoyed it - maybe a little too much, since the restaurant is only a half mile from our house. I can see the danger of eating too much of this too often!

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        Excellent review, thanks! I went on Sunday and, alas, they were closed (all day).