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Feb 10, 2010 09:33 AM

Dinner In/Around Monteray

Going to Monteray in a few weeks for an overnight stay. Any dinner, lunch recommendations? Prefer a casual environment with great food. Suggestions?

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  1. Schooner's Bistro @ the Monterey Plaza Hotel is casual, they have great fish and chips and key lime pie there. In Pacific Grove we love the Red House Cafe, it has a cozy ambiance and very good food, also. If you go over to Carmel there is Demetra Cafe in the downtown area. Have fun at the coast! :)

    1. Passionfish in Pacific Grove is generally a board favorite. Focus is on innovative seafood preps. Huge wine list priced at retail. Prices very fair for the quality of the food.

      The posts are 2 1/2 years old, so specific dishes have changed, but the place is still doing well.

      1. If you run out of places in Monterey, I'd recommend driving up 1 to Moss Landing and try The Whole Enchilada. It's Mexican style seafood. Also there's a fish market there I cannot remember the name of that has a restaurant that always seems packed.

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          Also in Moss Landing is Phil's Fish Market, they have amazing Cioppino there! :)

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            THAT's the place I was thinking of. I wasn't hungry when I went in, but it was impressive and the food looked great.

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              Thanks for the great ideas. Will let you know where we end up (thinking Phil's or Whole Enchilada. Saw there was some Tiki place (Hulu's?) but figured that was probably pretty cheesy . . .

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              If You like phils try sea harvest better fish and great value one of the best views on the coast

          2. In Moss Landing Try moss landing cafe, lemon grass, sea harvest. These are great